Windows Phone 9 to feature Android-like UI = Goodbye Live Tiles?

The next generation of Windows Phone would most likely to have a major UI refurbishment, according to source, this means their trademark Live Tiles is going to be replaced by Android’s looks and feel. As this is a leaked information, nothing can be confirmed so far, but this is expected to happen around Q4 of 2014, which is not too far away.
Some users might be interested with the way Microsoft is going all out to provide a fresh new experience , with Windows Phone 8 did quite good compared to previous versions. Meanwhile,all those Live Tile-lovers might find this upcoming changes as a problem as they might have adapted and prefer the current interface. However, i am pretty sure there will be option to revert to the Live Tiles mode again which would be highly recommended to Microsoft just in case things might turn out better with more options to fiddle with.
I am excited to see this and would be also wondering if there are going to be any changes to the native Windows on their next launch of Windows 9. So would you prefer Live Tiles to be there or should it to be “androidify”?