Should we support ALCATEL in Malaysia?

Many of you would have realized that ALCATEL is back in business on smartphone industry in Malaysia despite being quiet for quite a long time compared to any other smartphone manufacturers in Malaysia who have been keeping themselves updated with the latest tech updates providing their users with the best they could offer in term of satisfaction although smartphone industry in Malaysia when it comes to Android, most of us would only remember certain big names such as Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. Some underdogs who have been doing quite well such as Lenovo, Huawei, and even ZTE have been really competent in this industry. Questions arise, where is ALCATEL? Are they no longer in mobile phone industry especially in Malaysia?
Actually, ALCATEL was and still active in Malaysia, the only problem was most of their smartphones produced was either not promoted well or the specs and design of their smartphones are not as attractive as their competitors. There was a time when I was walking in a mall and could not even realize that I actually saw an ALCATEL device thinking that it was actually a brand-less smartphone, that was my initial impression. At that moment I was already thinking why is ALCATEL being anonymous in Malaysia, when once upon time they were one of the top manufacturers here?
Disappointed? Hold on, ALCATEL has proven that they could change that impression someday, which began last year and till date they have released quite a number of outstanding phones with impressive price tags! Yes, ALCATEL have now introduced better versions of high, mid and low range smartphones. I would love to highlight the ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X+, the upgraded version of the ONETOUCH IDOL X, when I mention upgrade, it’s not just a minor update but this is a massive upgrade where you could wonder how can the price be so cheap? I don’t really want to get into the specifications of the smartphone, as you can simply get to ALCATEL’s homepage itself to get the specifications, comparisons and detailed explanation of their current smartphones and also their upcoming ones. Getting back to the IDOL X+, 5″ inch Full HD,octa-core device with 13MP camera, Hi-Fi stereo speakers with JBL headphones and a pretty design itself, would definitely tempt you in getting one especially when the RRP is just RM1299? 
More to come, ALCATEL HERO is their new upcoming flagship device, a 6″ inch Full HD phablet, 13MP camera, quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM with dual speakers and a massive 3400mAh battery capacity. This is definitely a device to look for, coming soon in Malaysia, and I am pretty sure the price is going to be reasonable as well. It has everything that most phablet offers, such as stylus, quick access sidebar and dual display(multi-window on Samsung devices). In term of our local telco support, seems like DiGi is bundling some of ALCATEL’s ONETOUCH POP variants with their prepaid plans. Seems quite a decent deal with free quota up to RM216 per annum offered by DiGi when you purchase the ONETOUCH POP variants with their prepaid plan.
For more info on DiGi prepaid offers for the ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP variants, click here
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So, would you support ALCATEL in Malaysia? I would definitely support as they are making an effort to prove that ALCATEL is actually a well known brand for quality assured devices.