Some of you might have no idea that the following inventions are designed and created locally here in Malaysia! To celebrate 25th Anniversary for the Malaysian Design Center (MDC) of Intel Malaysia, the following are 5 awesome technologies designed by Malaysians:-

1)Compute Stick

What do you usually carry around in your pocket? How about a desktop computer in a device the size of a pack of gum? The Intel Compute Stick transforms any HDMI enabled TV or display into a complete computer! “Connect.Compute. It’s that simple.”

2)Mini PC

The very first computer was as big as a room and no one was able to imagine anything else. Today, we have a  high performance yet scalable mini PC that fits in the palm of your hand. The four-by-four-inch Intel NUC board comes with a kit that is customizable, ready to accept the memory, hard drive and operating system you choose to install. “Tiny. Powerful. Complete.”

3)System on a Chip

Before anyone heard about the term “netbook”, the MDC team successfully taped out the first purpose built Low Cost Intel Architecture based System on a Chip (SoC) design codenamed the “Pineview” Intel Atom processor. This propelled the growth of the lightweight, compact and affordable netbook market and also achieved seven world-class manufacturing records before it was even launched in the late 2009. “The Intel Atom revolution continues.”

4)The Micro-Controller that started it all

It hasn’t always been easy to connect peripherals to PCs or laptops. Designed by the MDC team, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1.0 micro-controller made peripheral connectivity seamless and universal, allowing us to easily “plug and play” USB thumb drives, a USB mouse, keyboards, cameras and more. “It only gets better from here.”

5)The Gateway of the future

With a vision to transform businesses and lives of people around the world, the Intel IoT Gateway is one of the transformative solutions developed by the MDC team. The device and sensor management application is an end-to-end IoT solution and has been successfully applied in smart agriculture systems and across a range of industries including hospitality, asset tracking and industrial automation. “Intelligent solutions at your fingertips.”

Happy 25th Anniversary Malaysia Design Center!