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We at TechSlack.COM will provide you an in-depth personal interest, opinion, and all-round technology news happening around the globe all the way from Malaysia. We have done quite a number of product reviews as well as being invited to a huge amount of press releases and media invitations. 

Our expertise is basically providing you a excellent service and coverage expansion which includes latest gadget releases, product updates, product introductory, ad-placement and media partnership. We welcome and encourage you to contact us as we are growing rapidly with most visitors coming from Malaysia, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom and India.

We provide in-depth gadget reviews including first looks, impressions, monthly coverage, comparisons and YouTube video coverage upon request. If you are up to collabaration and would like to achieve a target on being one of the top brands featured on our site, please drop us a message and propose to us regarding the plan that you have which we could walk-through and make it happen. We will ensure that our review will reach to our 30,000 – 60,000 visitors per month.

If you would like to contact us regarding product reviews, media invitations, or even advertorial interests on TechSlack.COM, feel free to drop us a message.

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If you think we have great potential to come up as an exciting media company, please do approach us and invest to be a partner. We are more than pleased to start working with you and if possible with your help, we will be able to bring it to another level as one of the most recognized tech media company in Malaysia.

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You might have realized the Donate button on our sidebar. It serves the sole purpose of growing this page to a bigger scale and to be recognized worldwide. The funds are used only for the website’s usage and we always appreciate help from those whom are willing to assist us in becoming one of the best.


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