CyanogenMod source code for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released, time to ditch TouchWiz?

Earlier today, the CM team announced on Google+ that they have finished building the device tree in a stable way which positively means developers and custom builders can now work to build ROMs from stretch with proper source, and usually once CM releases any source, it would be a fantastic start for most developers to fiddle around and add much more customization.
So, based on their source, I can see that they have released kernel and ROM source for the International Note 3, T-Mobile and Sprint variants. Most likely the CyanogenMod for the Note 3 would be based on Android 4.4.x KitKat, with whole load of customization to be enjoyed as the official ROM for Note 3 is based on Jellybean, so getting an early version of KitKat is definitely yummy. However, be aware that special features on Note 3 such as S-Pen’s application such as Air command, Hover feature, Action memos, and even zooming in for Google Maps with your S-pen, but don’t worry too much as custom modders would find a good way in porting some of those unique features by tinkering with the source tree provided by the CM team together with the official ROM’s source.
Anyway if you’re a TouchWiz lover, you should not even bother reading this as you would find this CM or AOKP or any other custom build rather simple compared to the official TouchWiz. So we shall patiently wait for CM team for their nightly builds to be released and also for custom modders to make use of this source release. So if any developers are reading this and also if some of you would like to have a look at CM team’s Google+ post which includes the Github tree source.

via CM Team
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