Find my iPhone? Now there is Android Device Manager

Good news for Android users who often wonder if there is an ‘Find my iPhone’ app which features on Apple devices solely. Google finally introduces the ‘Android Device Manager’ which has the feature to remotely locate your connected devices on their web based Device Manager page which allows you to ring the phone in case you misplaced the phone somewhere nearby to you, even if it is set on silent mode, this ‘ring the phone’ function will automatically set the ringing volume to maximum level and ring out loud, perfect!
Other than that, you can also set up phone lock remotely which results in locking the phone without touching it. On top of that you can also erase the phone, just in case if you lost your phone, all your important data can be remotely erased as well. 

The Device Manager will show the exact location on the map which includes the address as well with the accuracy level together with last seen time accurately!. To enjoy this feature, you need to enable it in the Google settings app pre-installed on you Android Device.
What a fabulous set of useful features , hats of to the Google Team.