Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite coming soon

Image taken from Mobilehotspot which is not the final product.
For the first time, there is going to be a ‘mini’ version of Galaxy Note 3, but Samsung decided to name this one as a lite edition instead because dimensions of the device is almost identical, with 5.68″ of screen size, but lacks the AMOLED display which is replaced with LCD in the Lite Edition. It will be also missing out the awesomeness of 13MP camera which will be downgraded to a 8MP shooter. Rest of the Galaxy Note 3 Lite’s specifications are still unknown as Samsung will be unveiling it at the upcoming MWC.
I am pretty sure the price would be much cheaper compared to the initial device, but would it remain with all the massive hardware Note 3 has such as 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 800? We just have to wait patiently until much information is revealed by Samsung. Also, would it be an LTE-A version and released to certain countries only?