There are plenty of cordless vacuum cleaners in the market which varies from features as well as price range, but what makes the Beko VRT 94929 VI simply one of the best yet wise choice compared to the rest? In this review, we will talk about what this vacuum cleaner excels in as well as the pros and cons that we find out during our two weeks of usage.

Technical Specifications


We are all familiar with this futuristic design which first came from a well-known brand. They were the first to come out with weird-looking (back then) which now goes along with the trend. The reason why many were afraid to own the product is due to the price tag. Their target consumers are for the rich which is why even we missed out on using their products. We are not saying that their product is badly priced, it might be priced as such due to the technology that they patented. Overall the Beko VRT 94929 VI is very well designed and obviously attractive. It looks like an alien invention that fell from the sky.


The most obvious feature will be the cordless as well as how light the vacuum is. The size comes in a very logical dimension (Height 112cm, Width 32cm, Depth 27cm). The battery is removable, tube is foldable and comes with an easy cleaning dust container. The container is small so that the cleaning can be made frequently rather than collecting dust.

Actiflex is a feature which enables the tube to bend and reach under furniture without hassle. This is definitely a clever idea from Beko as many would struggle to clean under furniture using regular vacuum cleaners. You no longer have to bend down and hurt your back as the Actiflex can be activated within a single click.

The battery is able to last for a period of 45 minutes (Lithium Ion) with a full charge. The charging time can vary from 4-5 hours to full capacity. The motor that is powering the Beko VRT 94929 VI is rated at 450W and the voice level is rated pretty low at just 83 dBA.

Selfstand enables the vacuum to stand on its own and comes with a standing charger when not in use. The stand also comes with a lock which is mainly designed to safeguard children from mishandling it.

PerformCyclone Technology stands for the suction power which is set at 165W. This allows the surface cleaned to be even deeper and the ability to even clean hard surfaces which includes debris that are not visible to our eyes.

With an attachment for any situation, the Elbow, Soft Brush and Crevice tools allow you to get to those hard to reach areas, while the Mini Turbo brush is great for lifting pet hair from the sofa. When you’re finished, all attachments can be stored on the magnetic dock station while the product is charging.

The LED lights mounted on the vacuum head offer a practical solution to cleaning in hard to reach corners, under furniture and in other places where lighting is low.


This cordless vacuum cleaner by Beko is certainly a very useful yet a must-buy product in every household. The flexibility and ability to be compatible in any conditions ensures that Beko is an essential product. This can be also a product that may suit those with back pain. Maybe if you have a Go-Pro, go ahead attach it to this cordless vacuum cleaner with the viewfinder set in a mountable smartphone. It will even eliminate the need of you to bend down and see if the area is clean.

Pricing & Availability

The Beko VRT 94929 VI cordless vacuum cleaner is priced at RM1899 and local manufacturer warranty of 1 year is provided. You may purchase it at any electronic retailing shops near you or may opt to purchase online via Shopee or SenQ with prices ranging from RM1500.