bigstock-Business-technologies-today-43292197Technology plays a huge role in people’s life these days compared to the days when none of us were highly dependent on technology. I am talking about how much of time we spend being online vs how much of time we spend those days doing outdoor activities. During schooling days, most of us will be either playing soccer or badminton only. After that, the era of smartphone took place as Nokia was a well-known company and was the only mobile phone manufacturer known by many back then. Other than that, I can remember going to cybercafé to enjoy playing Multiplayer games such as Counter Strike and Red Alert with my fellow friends. 

Moving to another era where computer games were being recognized by many. Friendster and Myspace was pretty famous back then as the only happening social network sites. Sony Ericsson came into the picture with their Walkman series mobile phones. It played a huge role and a tight competitor to Nokia and not to forget that I am a great fan of the Walkman series. Network connectivity was limited to GPRS and Edge as people can’t even open up a full website within the available data speed as connection used to always time out. Maxis and Adam were the famous network providers back then being the more reliable and larger network coverage compared to Digi and Celcom back then. If I can recall accurately, there was Dial Up connection from TM Net and Jaring back then, both of them providing an internet connection of up to 56kbps. 

Heading to the current agendas, there’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and loads of other social network services. There’s smartphone these days and being manufactured by a lot of brands. Apple’s very own iPhone came into place and shook the world with their breath-taking operating system. Android wasn’t the best operating system back then being the least favoured compared to the iPhone. As developers and Google pushed massive software fixes and Android versions, now it is the largest and most used operating system in the world. Android was only known for being “laggy” and always being problematic, but how often do you hear these days?

There’s no need to walk from a company to another in order to look for jobs. You can also get that online by updating and uploading your resume online. There’s Jobstreet being the most reputable and number one job provider in Malaysia. Lastly, there’s also ways that you can make money online by doing freelance jobs which requires you to work from home as long as you have a stable internet connection. There’s also choice for you to invest on something such as online betting and online gambling. There are few reputable online slots and casino sites where I have heard good reviews and them being reliable. Of course I haven’t try them personally but it’s worth mentioning as some people are making loads of money using these methods. 

You can now make online transactions rather than walking to the bank and doing it manually. Everything syncs with real time and some are still being culture shock performing transactions online remaining with the traditional method. Needless to say, you can now buy clothes, gadgets, groceries, essential needs and the list goes on. Online retailers such as Lazada, 11 Street, Gemfive, Happy Fresh and Food Panda are some of the well-known that we are using frequently. There’s fast fiber internet connection up to 500mbps now available in Malaysia and not to forget wide range of cafes and “mamak” restaurants providing Wi-Fi connection.

The reason I am writing this is to have a little flashback of how things used to be those days compared to these days. There’s a great impact from technology which changed the way we live and newer generations are being provided with an iPad rather than board games. One fine day, there will be a moment where some of you might read this post and it would be pretty much outdated as every second, technology evolves.