It is safe to say that the future of the tech market is USB-C, as we are now seeing more and more devices switching to this as the new standard. As a result, it’s difficult to even find an Android phone that doesn’t use USB-C, and while the iPhone still uses the lightning charging cable, Apple may also be transitioning to USB-C sooner rather than later. After all, most of Apple’s iPads and MacBooks now utilize USB-C ports, so it’s only a matter of time. In fact, more and more Apple users have already began purchasing usb sd adapters to use in the homes and offices.


So, why are so many devices in the market switching to this type of cable? The reason is that these cables provide faster charging and data transfer speeds. Plus, the cables can be inserted whichever side you want, which makes them to be very convenient too. Plus, these cables are generally universal. So, even owning one cable is enough to suit any host of devices, from phones, power banks, storage devices, even laptops.


However, there are different types of USB-C cables available in the market to choose from. As such, if you are looking for something reliable and tailored to your needs, you have to pick wisely. So, we put together three of the best choices in the current market and should suit any of your requirements just fine. But before we start, keep in mind that if you have an iPad that still uses a lightning cable then you will need an ipad pro adapter to help facilitate a connection.


So, without further ado, here’s our list of the top USB-C Cables that you should buy this 2021.

#1. LENTION – (CB-CCT) USB-C to USB-C Cable


The first cable we’re going to dive into is the basic USB-C to USB-C Cable and there is no better pick in today’s market than Lention’s (CB-CCT) model. The reason being is that it is a highly durable and extended 10ft cable that offers universal compatibility with any USB-C capable laptops, mobiles or accessories. Moreover, they provide high data transfer speeds, as they offer an efficient data sync rate of up to 480Mbps. On top of that they provide a power-pass delivery rate of up to 100W, which makes them the best choice when it comes to charging any external peripherals you may have.


Additionally, these cables are enforced with extra durability as they are made up of an aluminium alloy case, nylon braided cable, and TPE jacket that guarantees no matter how much it bends, it will not cut or break! The only downside of these cables is that they are only useful in facilitate file transfers or charging and cannot be used for video and audio output. However, if you need something that provides that you can always get yourself a thunderbolt 2 to displayport or get this next USB-C Cable that we’re about to mention below.



#2. LENTION – (CU707) USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Cable


If yo din’t know already, HDMI and DisplayPort formats are commonplace when using TV’s external monitors, consoles and even projectors. In other words, if you are looking to stream content from your Mac to another screen you will need a cable that can facilitate such  connection. In this respect, what you need is a USB-C to HDMI/DisplayPort Cable, and there is o better choice than Lention’s own CU707 cable.


Set at a convenient length of about 6ft, this cable is both USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 compatible. As such, it provides excellent audio and video output and even provides a maximum resolution rate of up to 4K. This means you can convenient stream content to most 4K external displays, without fear of lagging, blurriness or distortion. When it comes to the design, it features a useful non-slip connector that provides easy plug and unplug. Plus, they come designed with an aluminium alloy casing, which provides excellent heat dissipation, as well as a durable reinforced braided nylon cable that ensures your cable will not bend or break easily.


This makes it the perfect partner’s specially for those who like to multi-task with different screen and monitors to hep expand their workspace. Just remember that even if you use an external screen, you should always take extra care of your Mac’s built-in one as well. In this regard, getting yourself a screen protector for macbook pro would be highly beneficial.


#3. LENTION –  (CB-ACT) USB A to USB C Cable


The third and final cable that you need to consider is the USB A to USB C Cable which allows you to connect any of your USB-C compatible devices, like phones and power banks, to the classic USB-A charging port, eg. a wall charger or laptop. In this respect, you should consider getting the CB-ACT model from Lention, which is a sturdy 3.3ft nylon braided cable that can coil up compactly and conveniently. It also provides high-speed power pass delivery of up to 27W, which means you can easily charge any number of mobile devices without any problems. In terms of file transfers, they facilitate a data sync rate of up to 480Mbps, so you can also rest sure that they will get the job done, no matter how big the files are.