Are you having trouble to choose between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C as some would think as only the outlook looks different and others are just the same? Hold on, as you’re very wrong as there any many things that lacks on the iPhone 5C compared to the higher-end iPhone 5S.
To make this simple for you to read, i will make this as brief as possible:-


Features iPhone 5S iPhone5C
Processor A7 chip with 64- bit architecture A6 chip
Camera 8MP,f/2.2 aperture,120 frames per second, true tone flash 8MP,f/2.4 aperture,30 frames per second, LED flash,lacks auto image stabilization,slow-mo video, and burst mode
Battery Up to 10 hours of talk time Up to 10 hours of talk time
Fingerprint Scanner Yes No
Built Quality Premium metal body Plastic(Polycarbonate) body
Motion Sensing Dedicated Gyrposcope depending
Microphone 3 Microphones 2 Microphones
Price RM2399 for 16GB RM1999 for 16GB


Based on the specifications, iPhone 5S is much better as all those additional feature are actually worth the extra cash you’re paying. Which one is your cup of tea? Would you pay the extra bucks for the iPhone 5S or get the iPhone 5C which is similar to what iPhone 5 offers?
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