I always wanted to get my hands on the Dancing Water Speakers which I have seen on most videos highlighting it’s unique feature that the water actually follows the beat of current song being played through the speakers. However here in Malaysia, these dancing water speakers are not produced locally with the local online sellers selling at an extremely high price. Without wasting too much of time, I decided to Google for a Online shop which provides international shipping. Spending few hours for that, finally found the perfect online seller Witrigs which I could guess a well established cell-phone accessories, repair parts and tools supplier based in China.
With such confidence as it is a popular online shop, I purchased the Lileng-301 Dancing Water Speakers for the total of USD 15.99 excluding the postage fees of course. Once the order been placed, I received the item after 12 days via Swiss Post packed nicely with proper cushioning to prevent the item from being damaged during the shipping process. Okay here are some photos of the product (sorry for the low quality photos).
Criteria Specification
Color Black or White
Compatibility Smartphone, MP3 Player,PC,Laptop, basically whichever device that has an 3.5mm audio jack
Package Content A pair of Lileng-301 Dancing Water Speakers, 3.5mm stereo audio wire, and a USB power cord
Total Power 3W+3W = 6W
Power Source USB,USB, and yes just USB, you don’t need any extra adapters to power this up!
Sound Quality Not bad at all with build in amplifier, you can even feel the light bass.
Extras You can connect to your TV’s USB port as a decoration only, or even connect the 3.5mm to use as speakers. It uses Mini USB and not Micro USB
I would definitely recommend this Dancing Water Speakers as I am currently enjoying having it as a speaker and also as a part of decoration in my house. I love the user-friendliness of this speakers as whenever I would want to bring the Dancing Water Speakers to some events it is just so easy for me to plug and play without having to find for a wall plug depending on the adapter. My conclusion for the Lileng-301 Dancing Water Speakers is definitely worth for what you’re paying for, don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and leave your opinions below at the comments section.
These are the direct links to the Witrigs Store for the Black Dancing Water Speakers or White Dancing Water Speakers
Oh and yes, just for my readers, this is a short video that I uploaded in Youtube which shows how the speaker performs for Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.