ECOVACS ROBOTICS is bringing you the DEEBOT SLIM2 as a futuristic solution to the back-breaking and sweat-inducing activity of chores. Built to maneuver around small spaces, you can now attack dust and dirt with ease as the versatile and sleek DEEBOT SLIM2 dances freely under your furniture for a more thorough and complete clean! Able to slide under couches and beds, the DEEBOT SLIM2 is a hands-free intelligent floor cleaner with a sweep, vacuum and mop trio combo.

Go low and not slow with your spring cleaning game on! With a low-profile built of 2.2 inches that allows it to clean under the lowest points of your home under sofa or bed, you will no longer need to lift and move heavy furniture to touch hard-to-reach places that are filled with hidden dust! The app-enabled DEEBOT SLIM2 does the cleaning for you while you leave for work and play, ridding your home of pesky dust and dirt without even lifting a finger! Now you can welcome your friends and family any time to a sparkling clean home as the robot works its cleaning magic.        

With the ECOVACS App, you can control and monitor the robot, set cleaning schedules and even select cleaning modes from the palm of your hands wherever you are. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying life without ever coming home to dusty floors again. With its tangle-free suction and optional mopping attachment, the DEEBOT SLIM2 takes care of any mess, making it the perfect cleaning solution in a humble bundle. With so many cleaning options, you can be sure that the DEEBOT SLIM2 saves you time from going back and forth with sweeping and mopping. You will never need to fight over cleaning rosters with your family members again!

The DEEBOT SLIM2 is a slim but a powerful cleaning machine that will vacuum, clean, sweep and even mop your home supervision-free! The DEEBOT SLIM2 sports a bundle of cleaning options for a range of messes to suit your needs: with its auto mode for general cleaning, edge mode for specific edges and spot cleaning for more stubborn spots. By pairing the right cleaning mode for your specific need, you are able to tackle any nature of dirt with ease.

DEEBOT SLIM2 are now available in Best Denki and Home-fix for RM1199.

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