The All New HTC One aka. HTC M8 or HTC One Two is finally here!

So guys, title might actually mislead some people, but what I meant by it is finally here simply means, the All New HTC One have appeared in a 12 minute Youtube video which have caused many of HTC fags to be unsettled despite after watching the video, you would probably fall in love with what it could offer you. I’ll embed the video in this post, but before that, let’s summarize what the All New HTC One or also known as HTC M8 features.

Coming towards the design, it looks absolutely identical to the elder brother HTC One with some minor cosmetic changes on the front, back and the bezels itself. On the front, you would have realized that the sensors are now placed on the right side instead of left, which gives the smartphone a much neater look. Oh and yes, there is no longer capacitive button, which means it would be totally on-screen navigational button similar to the ones featured on the Nexus series or even Sony Z series. The HTC Boomsound stereo speakers remain exactly the same with the front grills placed perfectly looking eye-catchy.

Moving to the side bezels, looks more like made out of aluminium or some kind of metal itself, rather than the  plastic made bezel featured on the HTC One, a total premium solid feeling guys! I bet all of you would be satisfied with it’s build quality. Now to the rear part of the All New HTC One, Woot! You would realize that there is two rear cameras, as the primary standard camera still placed at the same location, and despite it’s shape and overall lens design makes it legit to confirm that it could be the same Ultrapixel camera featured on the HTC One, and I could dare to guess that it could be still a 4MP camera. Why is that? Because as you can see, on top of the primary camera, there is another secondary camera which could be the same camera featured on the HTC Desire 816 which was announced officially during the MWC 2014, a 13MP camera. Well this is just a random guess, could be right, and might be wrong as well.
Also to be noticed, the All New HTC One, will feature a dual LED flash which is a good thing to do as their single LED flash tends to be useless especially at a very dark atmosphere. Lastly for the outlook, a very good news to those who was disappointed with no expandable memory slot, as now the All New HTC One will come with the microSD slot, probably could support up to 128GB. 

On the software side, it could be an updated version of Sense UI, version 6.0 probably, powered by the latest Android KitKat OS, with no Beats amplifier anymore, but there is an app called Beats Music highlighted in the video, which most likely would be a online based music hub to purchase audio presets, not sure though. Lastly, the camera app looks interesting as it could be a  total change of interface, with whole load of features spotted such as Zoe Camera, Selfie, Dual Capture and Pan 360. I just hope that it’s camera hardware and software have improved far much better than the previous ones as that was the only downside on the HTC One, if it is fixed, it could be easily be the phone of the year 2014.

Looking for the rumored specifications? Check it out here.

Images taken from DROIDLIFE