Coming up by LG at CES 2014, a wonderful gadget has taken place where a wireless printer which could practically fit into your pocket. As mini as that, this new device is compatible with the leading devices running on both Android and iOS.
This Pocket Photo 2.0 is capable of printing 5.1×7.6cm which means 2×3 inch of resolution with 313dpi(dots per inch), a very good quality can be assured which is beyond human eye ability. LG claims that this wireless printer could print about 30 photos with a single charge, although the capacity of the battery was not stated.
Instead of using ink cartridges, Pocket Photo 2.0 uses ZINK technology, which is based on a special paper that responds to hot temperature. Together with this printer, you have to install a Pocket Photo app which would possibly enable you to connect easily to your device and also provide extra features such as applying filters, custom editing, and much more.
Not to forget, this device is based on NFC or Bluetooth for the Android users and the iOS users could use the Bluetooth method for their iPhone or iPad. The LG Pocket Photo 2.0 would be made available in lime yellow, jewel white, and pink colors. 
Price for this device would be mentioned on the CES event on January 2014, so be patient and watch what this mini gadget could provide and outperform most printers with ease.

Via LG