ASUS Malaysia, my favorite brand of all time have given me the privilege to unbox the not available yet smartphone of the year, ROG  Phone II. This is a smartphone that is capable of beating all the phones out there by a far margin, specifically in terms of performance and battery life. The ROG Phone II is a dream machine for the gamers out there. I just love the glossy finish and how solid the phone feels like. The smell of premium is all the way including its accessories. The 120hz refresh rate beats my OnePlus 7 Pro anytime, it is just way smoother all the way!

6.59-inch, AMOLED – HDR10 certified and 120hz refresh rate for the win. Snapdragon 855+ processor paired with 12GB of RAM is a total game changer and overkill by any standard. Also 6000mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0 is technically what everyone wants on their smartphone, agree? Dual front-firing speakers anyone?

I’ll leave you with the unboxing video below. Stay tuned for the full review!