First of all, a thousand apologies to go totally off topic and talk about mental health as it has no relation towards technology. I feel that this should go to my readers as well for the sole purpose of awareness. There are a lot of people out there struggling and unable to cope with depression nevertheless Bipolar as well. Hope that by the end of this article, most of you will surely share and try to at least spread awareness and provide support and offer whatever you are capable of.

So it all begun when I met this person who had serious depression as well as Bipolar. Back then I did not make an effort to read up stuff regarding such mental illness and you could say that I had zero knowledge about it. Just like most of us out there who have no idea how and what it is all about, its about time for you to know. I’ve started chatting with this person for quite sometime and for the first time we had a virtual fight via WhatsApp. For a small reason actually, which is me using “haha” frequently. Since I never known anyone in person who has depression, I really felt weird and was quite surprised over a person getting triggered for this. After that I stopped chatting as it did sort of offend me.

After few months, this person texted me needing a help that I am capable of which is related to technology. I gave the advise and that was the first meeting between us. Even at that moment, I still had zero knowledge about depression. Since that day, we started meeting quite frequently and started to know each other better. That is the moment I started reading more and more about depression and especially Bipolar. There are few levels of depression and this person already has serious depression. Why? Simply because of other people who tend to play with this person’s feeling’s and soft side.

See, depression can lead to tendency to commit suicide and bipolar gives you extreme mood swings. Can you relate how serious things can get? This person tends to get suicidal most of the time, I wouldn’t blame as the person has gone through a lot of unnecessary things simply because of others. Others here meaning those who promised but failed to fulfill.

Lack of attention is the main cause of suicidal feelings as well as mood swings. To the siblings out there, if at all your sister/brother/father/mother has depression – please provide support! Give them all the love and cherish every single moment. Don’t ever think that its all being made up and its all about seeking for attention. Nobody will go and seek for attention all the time and it does not mean that by being active on social media would make one to be an attention seeker. Let me give a very good example. You have a sister, but you know she wants to be close to you and build the bond that was never there. What would you do? Give her love or blame her by saying its all a drama? Please take note that a person with depression will always prefer to be showered with love by the own blood. Own blood meaning parents and siblings.

If you are planning to couple/marry a guy/girl with depression as well as Bipolar, please do some readings before you do so. Otherwise, do not give empty promises as you must understand the person properly and you have to be the one to give and take most of the time. Patience is very important and it will only reward you. A person with depression are always loving and sincere. They might not be able to be loving all the time due to the illness that they are having but blame it entirely on it. The person wont even know why it happens and when it will occur.

The person that I know is getting worse day by day but the only reason he/she will survive is due to the mental and physical strength. This person is a very intelligent and my only mission is to provide support whenever I could. You can never avoid people who drags you down or people who spreads their negativity on you, but the best thing you can do is ignore. Even for us, a normal person without any mental illness – it is indeed hard to ignore. It is extremely hard for those who have serious depression.

The below are the signs of serious depression that I got it from WebMD

Warning Signs

People who commit suicide don’t want to die, but to end their pain. Don’t dismiss their talk of suicide as just threats. If you notice any signs that they may be thinking about harming themselves, get help.

Focuses on death. Some people talk openly about wanting to die or to commit suicide. Or they dwell on the topic of death and dying. They may research ways to kill themselves or buy a gun, knife, or pills.

Makes plans. The person may take steps to prepare for death, like updating a will, giving away stuff, and saying goodbye to others. Some may write a suicide note.

Becomes withdrawn. The person avoids close friends and family, loses interest in activities and social events, and becomes isolated.

Shows despair. The person may talk openly about unbearable pain, or feeling like they’re a burden on others.

Shows swings in mood or  sleep . Often, the person may be depressed, anxious, sad, or angry. They also may be very irritable, moody, or aggressive. But they can suddenly turn calm once they’ve decided to go through with the suicide. Then they may sleep a lot more or a lot less than usual.

Drinks or takes drugs. Substance misuse raises the chance of suicide. Using a lot of drugs and alcohol may be an attempt to dull the pain or to harm themselves.

Acts recklessly. The person may take dangerous chances, like driving drunk or having risky sex.

People may also be at risk if they have:

  • Mental disorders
  • Addictions to alcohol or other drugs
  • A serious physical illness
  • A major loss (such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a relationship or job)
  • Serious legal or financial problems
  • A history of trauma or abuse

The above reasons are really true actually because I have seen in real life. Such symptoms will appear to them when the depression is getting serious, so the best thing you could do is provide support. Talk to them, do not annoy them, do not ask questions. Be a good listener, show love and ensure that you will always be there no matter what. This might not cure depression entirely, but it will make the serious depression to become normal depression.

You may not be able to be there physically, but do ensure that you are there anytime reachable for this person. I personally know two people who has depression personally, one is this person who I am really close with right now while the other is a person who has been always there since I was a child.

It is also highly recommended to seek medical attention and visit nearby doctor who provides counseling and medications for depression. Brain scan is a must for those with Bipolar which will scientifically prove the existence of irregular activity going through the brain.

I am confident that by providing love and care, depression can reduce. For those who are struggling with mental illness, do not be alone. Share with your parents or siblings and if they are not good at listening, there are always good friends out there who believe you more than anyone else.

Early prevention is the best cure. I am quite upset knowing this person after so long being friends in social media. I would have provided more support and maybe, maybe with a little chance the depression wouldn’t have got this serious. But again, I do think it is fated for me to meet this person. Rest assured, this person is a born winner and will be very successful in life. A living proof of a person who dealt with serious depression and Bipolar by never giving up simply with a stronger will power and mental strength. For those of you out there struggling to survive, you are the best medicine to your mental illness. Fight it all out, with a lot of voices and things going on in your brain – focus on just one, start meditation if possible. Chant just one word and focus on it, do it on a daily basis just for few minutes. Be always with your loved ones, stay connected. Never go off the grid. Your true loved ones will never stop loving you, that is for sure.

Things to take note of when you know a person with mental illness:-


  •  Never ever question them unnecessarily. Sometimes, even the most relevant question will tend to be irrelevant to them. Keep in mind if their depression is serious, tendency to be irritated is quite high.
  •  If you can’t provide support, never demotivate them or bring them down. Don’t tell that they are pulling of a drama or acting just for the sake of seeking attention. Nobody would want to do that and nobody wants to be lifeless. Be in the person’s shoes, before giving your opinion.
  •  Get to know them well, if you are sensitive then prepare yourself mentally as well. We have to stop being sensitive to them and provide moral support, courage, motivation and always bring them up when they’re being dragged down.
  •  Never ever take advantage of someone with depression or Bipolar disorder. Once they hold your hands, they fully trust you and if you disappoint them – that feeling isn’t like how we ordinary people would feel like. It will only trigger their suicidal instincts to hunt them back.
  •  If that person is always talking about committing suicide, do not give them general opinions like for example – There’s always another way, stop being childish, don’t be a loser, stop seeking for attention and so on. The very moment someone actually goes all the way seeking for medication advise, you already know the effort and situation one is facing. Such people can be saved, as long the surrounding people provide proper support.
  •  If at all that person triggers your anger and be rude, deal with it. You have to as they have no idea what they are talking about and its just at that very moment. Cool it off, take 5 and always remember that the other person isn’t normal yet.

Lastly, I do hope that whatever I have mentioned above will be taken seriously and depression is not a game. Do not mess or make someone’s situation worse and always remember to stay with them positively. A person with such illness actually love their parents and siblings very much. It will be always more than any regular people out there. So to those who are closely related, be the first to hold hands and provide the necessary love the one needs.

To those who are struggling and intending to commit a suicide, please don’t ever do that. It may be the perfect option that your brain tells you to end the torment, but believe me it is not the fix. The best fix is YOU, fight your brain and take control over it. Medication could bring it to control, but in the end it depends on how strong you are to overcome the depression level.

I might add on further from time to time as I am still new to this. In Malaysia, such cases are getting common and lack of awareness is something local Media should take attention. Save a life today by just reading, you will never know how much a person is suffering until you read about it.

A good detailed article about Bipolar will be HERE as you will get a better idea on symptoms, cure and how to manage it. Do read the comments section as there are several comments from people who are suffering and some who are still overcoming depression as well as Bipolar.


“I don’t like standing near the edge of a platform when an express train is passing through. I like to stand right back and if possible get a pillar between me and the train. I don’t like to stand by the side of a ship and look down into the water. A second’s action would end everything. A few drops of desperation”. – WINSTON CHURCHILL (1874-1965)

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