Logitech K480 Review - The Multi Device Dilemma
Canal to fit is Great!The one and only multiple device supportGreat value for money
Each keystore needs to be pushed all the way downNot the best build keyboard out thereNot as mobile as it should be
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Build Quality6
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So let’s face it, for those who works on the go; typing on mobile phone and tablet is not the most enjoyable experience. Some of you might seek solution in getting a laptop but nothing beats the flexibility of having a tablet or even smartphone. Even though tech companies have put in remarkable innovation for the tablet and smart phone input device lately, nothing beats a keyboard with physical keys. Enter the Logitech K480, a keyboard that is designed for you to accompany multiple mobile device.

Logitech K480 Overview

Clack Clack Clack

Logitech K480 Overview

The Logitech K480 features a non-standard QWERTY layout without the numeric keypad as what you would expect from a mobile keyboard. The space between keys are generous, and it gives great comfort for the users. The function keys double as multimedia keys that works well with Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Now bear in mind the Logitech K480 costs only RM179 and what you pay is what you get, a keyboard designed for multiple mobile devices. The typing experience here to be honest is quite mediocre as each key is accompanied by a hard membrane respond, which is a stiff feeling than the gentle “pop” you’ll get from a soft membrane.

Each keystore on the Logitech K480 require your finger to push the button all the way down into the keyboard, so this is not the type of hair trigger typing respond a mechanical keyboard can offer you.

Does this mean the typing experience on the Logitech K480 is an unpleasant one? Not at all, we at Techslack find that the Logitech K480 solves one thing in our mind while using a touch screen keyboard, does the typed word correctly registered? So the deep press does give a good sense of comfort when it comes typing, rather than needing to verify each word that you type.

Dude, hold my phone

The Logitech K480 has a canal where you can fit your device into it. What makes the canal unique is that it is angled in such a way that when you put your device in, it will end up in a comfortable reading position.

Logitech K480 Canal

The angle of the device imitates that of an angle of the laptop, an almost 120 to 130 degree angle, which makes it comfortable for you to look at.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth switch

The material that is used on this canal is a form of hard rubber coating which is a really good touch from Logitech, as I don’t have to worry that my device screen will get damaged over time as it moves in and out of the keyboard.

The multi device dilemma

We here at Techslack carry multiple devices with us while on the go which usually will be 2 smartphones, 1 tablet and 1 laptop (Don’t ask why, it is complicated). We do find from time to time the discomfort in jumping in between devices. As most devices have their own input scheme, one input device that bridges all devices together would be a god sent.

A sound solution would be a Bluetooth keyboard, but having to connect and reconnect them from one after another is a pain in the ass. The Logitech K480 unique Easy-Switch Dial feature allows users to connect up to 3 devices and switching back and forth among devices is fast and easy once you pair the Logitech K480 with any designated dial.

Logitech K480 Easy Switch Dail

The switching process is so fast, it takes place under 1-2 second. While writing this review, we have switched back and forth between an Android phone and a Window tablet. We have not felt any suspension even though the general platform is distinctively different.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth switch

It is worth to mention that Logitech K480 comes with 2 buttons for Bluetooth pairing. One for Windows and Android Devices, while the other one is for iOS devices. This is due to both system’s connection protocol which are vastly different. We do believe that by separating them, the Logitech K480 allows the device to connect much faster than conventional ways.

The Logitech K480 build

We’ll be honest with you, this is not most well build keyboard out there and weighing a little bit over 800g is quite heavy for its size;rather bulky too. Although this keyboard is designed for mobile use, it does not feel mobile by itself.

Logitech K480 Size

Again, we find that this is not necessary a bad thing. Imagine you bringing this keyboard alongside your iPad to work at a coffee shop, the Logitech K480 would serve well in a small space. Bulky as it is, it does make up by holding all your devices together.  It also shines well on your bed; let’s admit it, we all had tried working while on bed and having a laptop on the bed is not the best idea left alone with heating issues. The Logitech K480 does not only sits well on your bed but also on you. You can lay back with this little guy on and type with minimum discomfort.


The Logitech K480 is powered by AAA batteries and is rated to be able to last for 2 years. It is priced at RM179, but you can get them around RM139 at major computer store around Malaysia. At this price, you might be able to find a better Bluetooth keyboard that can be cheaper. However, we are unable to find any other Bluetooth keyboard that can cater to multiple devices like how the Logitech K480 does.

Do we recommend the Logitech K480? Yes and No. No to those who are looking for a mobile keyboard to bring it around as the Logitech K480 is too bulky for you. It is definitely a Yes to those who carries multiple devices and in search of a bridging keyboard among all your devices.