Those were the days where earphones are actually wired and once it evolved to going wireless, there were perks here and there. Perks here meaning, it isn’t truly wireless as it requires wired connection between the left and right ear-piece. Though truly wireless was already made available long ago before Apple AirPods were introduced, it wasn’t trending like how it is now since the introduction by Apple. Now, many are actually finding these truly wireless earphones as stylish and must have accessory of 2018.

iPhone users are the ones usually looking for an alternative despite the hefty price tag slammed towards the AirPods as they don’t really get high-end sound quality. Sudio Niva is probably the best alternative for AirPods and could be a wiser choice overall.  I will go ahead and start my review based on my daily usage for the past two weeks.

What’s inside the packaging?

Basically the packaging itself looks similar to Apple’s product lineup with White and Black combination. At the back of the box, there are simple description about the product itself.

Within the box, you’ll find the charging case surrounded with foam for impact resistance. Beneath the box, you’ll find the bundled accessories such as a micro USB charging cable, extra earbuds and the user manual. Last but not least, you’ll find the Sudio Niva wireless earbuds within the charging case as well as the guarantee certificate.

The case itself looks attractive and people will surely wonder what is inside it. Wording “Niva” is embossed on the front part of case while on the sides you’ll find Blue LED battery level indicators as well as micro USB charging port. Additionally there is also a leather string attached whereby you can either hang it on your backpack, handbag or even your lanyard.

The wireless earphone’s simple and clean design makes it look classy and attractive. The design is crafted to fit perfectly to your ears. There is a button and LED indicator on each earphones as well as charging pins beneath.

Sudio Niva Specifications

PLAY TIME 3.5 h (4 charges in extra for a total of 17,5 h) 55mAh built in + 500mAh via Charging case
IMPEDANCE 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
FEATURES True wireless

How to setup Sudio Niva?

The pairing method is pretty easy and straightforward. Press the buttons on both wireless earbuds until the LED indicator blinks. Keep your eyes on the right wireless earbuds as once it starts blinking Purple, that means the pairing has been executed successfully.

Pressing the button allows you to Play or Pause a track instantly while double pressing would proceed with the next track in your playlist. Please take note even though if your device is already paired to Sudio Niva, once you open the case, you would require to switch it on as it would not automatically turn on. In this case it does not do what the Apple AirPods are capable of.

How does it fair on a daily usage?

Well, it is simply amazing. Most wireless earphones tend to fall off when I am actually working out at the gym. Sudio Niva surprised me as it is not easy to fall off and fits almost perfect on my ears. Taking out from the case and placing it back into it isn’t really a hassle, the magnetic field on the case makes it easier to place it perfectly. You can also answer calls via Sudio Niva as there is a built-in microphone on the right wireless earbud. It isn’t the best earphones for calls but it does the job right.

Why should I buy the Sudio Niva?

The few reasons that you many consider would be:-

Classy Design

  • I am pretty sure most of us would give the outlook a first priority followed by the rest as we want it to look cool or rather outstanding for the money you’re paying for. The Sudio Niva’s design language is top notch and therefore can be awarded a score of 9/10.

Value for Money

  • This would be the second reason in purchasing any items, some may set this as the first priority as well. The Sudio Niva is ridiculously reasonably priced for its branding. Sudio is a well-known brand in Sweden and have a strong background when it comes to reliability. I know we can get an OEM branded similar featured earphones for a cheaper price but would it be reliable? I don’t think so.

Bass Lovers Dream

  • Most earphones that I have tried, usually the ones which are wireless tend to have a well-balanced sound quality and therefore the range of mid,treble and bass are pretty much even. Since I am a bass lover, the Sudio Niva is packed with heavy bass output and it feels like you’re listening via an high-end in-ear type wired earphones.

True on-the-go design

  • What I mean by on-the-go here is that you can simply carry Sudio Niva anywhere you like thanks to the Charging case that comes together. A single full charge gives you roughly about 3.5 hours of music pleasure, but since you can really charge it anytime in between – there is no worries of losing juice out of a sudden. Agree?


Since I always provide honest feedback, I would like to emphasize that Sudio Niva is certainly a value for money yet really good looking wireless earphones. They do sound good to me, but if you are an audiophile – you my not agree with me. For those who are looking to get a attractive, feature proof and reliable wireless earphones – look no further. It is also perfect for those who would not want to spend too much of time looking for additional charger or Powerbank.

The Sudio Niva is priced at RM425 and they are available in four colors – Black,White, Blue and Pink. You can purchase it directly via Sudio’s official website ==> SUDIO Malaysia

Your newly purchased Sudio product will be delivered via DHL for no extra charge and is entitled to 1 year warranty by Sudio. For my dearest readers, you can opt for 15% additional discount by using the code TECHSLACK2018 at checkout.  You’re welcome! 🙂

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