Motorola E specifications purportedly leaked

Motorola has been steadily galloping on the Unicorn of success. It rose to instant popularity with Moto G and the Moto X. Motorola has clearly defined their intention and manufactured handsets at an affordable price without cutting the corners on the features and the build quality. The reason for us to shake your memories and render a typical filmy flashback is that Moto has come up with yet another ground breaking device named the Moto E. The E strictly follows the alphabetical naming convention of Motorola. Motorola is keen on capturing the budget smartphone segment with its G and Moto E along with a steady control over the slightly premium segment with the Moto X.
What’s in it for me?
Moto E will be priced around 14k and would come with a smaller 4.3 inch screen as compared to the 4.5 inch screen of the G. The resolution of the screen is same as that of the G resulting into more pixels per inch. It will be run by the same Snapdragon powerhouse clocked at 1.2 GHz which is as classic as it can get. The E will come as a Dual sim phones in India which is a move to level up the feature list with the crazy Micromax Canvasses dominating the budget phone market in India. The battery has received some tweaks and the styling will be same as the Moto G.

Wrapping it up
The 4GB internal memory in the Moto E is something that didn’t appease me or will appease the folks out there looking to buy this device. The reason being that Android KitKat will gulp down around 2.5 GB of memory with users stranded with a mere 1.5 Gigs. Motorola should also try not to confuse buyers with multiple options at the same price with almost identical features. This is just a leak and we hope the device when launched will improvise on its cons and once again Motorola will sweep the global smartphone market off its feet.

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