Finally Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition gets the 4.4.2 Update

Yesterday I was mentioning in HTC One Google Play Edition gets 4.4.2 update that the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is the next one to get the update, and today Google and Samsung has released Android 4.2.2 for this device via OTA as you can check it manually on your device by going to the System updates section. The changelog is the same as we mentioned for the HTC One GPe and LG G Pad 8.3 GPe, with updates focusing on bug fixes and some minor tweaks for the camera and the volume level to be louder.
This is one of the best phones out there in the market, with the latest Android system compared to rest of the phones which usually might take longer unless it is somehow associated with Google. Obviously you would choose this phone if you think Touchwiz is not your cup of tea , with some extra bloatwares present in it just like how HTC’s Sense UI is although it’s bloatware is barely noticeable with only minor barely used features being added. So which phone will be your choice with the latest official 4.4.2 KitKat system running? Will it be the Nexus family or the Google Play Editions?