As all the Google Play Edition devices got its 4.4.2 Android KitKat update, only one was left out from it, but not for long as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition got it’s all new Android update today via OTA. This device is pretty new despite it’s recent launch which I talked about previously in Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Edition and Nexus 7 white edition announced .

Most of the Z Ultra GPe users were unhappy as the out of box software version of 4.4.1 came with a lot of bugs such as apps installed from the Google Play Store couldn’t be uninstalled, also being unable to side-load any other APK files manually which prevents us from downloading it via the web.

This Android 4.4.2 update fixes all the issues present and makes the unsettled users of the GPe edition of Xperia Z Ultra much satisfied despite paying for a device with ‘bugs pre-loaded’ . This update is 444MB in size, which some of you might even prefer to download it via your data connection since it wouldn’t use too much it’s quota,however it is always recommended to do it via WiFi.

How do you find the 4.4.2 update is performing?