Facebook to add autoplay video ad to your News Feed by early next week.

Looks like Facebook is adding another new method of advertising for internet marketers, this time it comes in a video format. Facebook have been testing this method since September, and could confirm that this video ad would result with 10 percent more likes,shares and comments than other ordinary ad that Facebook offers.
This video format comes with high-quality video and sound which results in a motion added News Feed. How does the ad works?
-It would auto play while it appears onscreen in a muted way, but if you click,tap or start playing the video in fullscreen, the sound would start playing as well. If you’re not interested to watch the video, you can simply scroll pass it or even swipe past it.
-Once the video ends, an additional of two videos will appear in a carousel way which would give you more option to discover contents with similar category.
– To those who access Facebook via mobile devices, the moment video that appears on the screen and starts playing, it would auto download the whole content into your device when you’re on WiFi, which simply means you can playback the same video again without having to fear that it would consume your data plan.
For those marketers who wish to place an ad via this method or would like to know more about this, head over to Facebook for Business.