Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is coming to Malaysia


That’s right! The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is officially coming to Malaysia as their Facebook page started to post videos and posts regarding the unique smartphone. Also to take note even on their official website, you can already notice there is Samsung Galaxy Note Edge being made available to Malaysians to take a look at the specifications and introduction.

To excite you guys even more, I can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which is coming to Malaysia will be running the Snapdragon 805  Quad core processor clocked at 2.7GHz, which simply means you will have a much snappier smartphone than the previous Samsung Galaxy  Note 4 and definitely a better battery life overall.

The specification of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is similiar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 except for the screen size being slightly smaller at 5.6-inch, battery capacity lower at 3000mAh, weighs a little lighter than the Note 4 at only 174g, and last but not least its curvy edged screen gives you extra slot to add noticifiaton, quick toggles, shortcuts, and many more giving you an extra edge in everything you need compared to any other smartphones out there.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding when the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be made available officially in Malaysia and you can also follow Samsung’s Facebook page here.

More info about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge can be found at Samsung Malaysia’s website.