Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra Android 4.3 update is rolling now via OTA

Today, Sony stated on their official blog that Android 4.3 update for Sony Xperia Z1 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra starts rolling now for it’s users. They have stated that this update features a lot of exciting functionality for the users to enjoy. Some of the features that was highlighted in their blog are :-
Smoother graphical UI optimization with Project Butter taking its place to improve the performance of the devices. The existing Smart Social Camera that was featured only on the Z1 is now available for the Z Ultra users as well, which is a good news because this camera application offers few unique and useful features such as Social live, where you can stream a live video straight to your Facebook page which means you can share with your friends without any delay, everything LIVE.
It features the most anticipated feature of all time “Timeshift Burst” which allows you to take 61 burst shots in just about 2 seconds, which you can later choose your preferred shot. With all this being featured in this app, the AR effect is an additional feature which allows you to include 3D effects on your photo which makes it pretty interesting especially the 3D dinasour effect. One downside about this effect is that the total number of effects is very limited but Sony promises to include much more in the near future.
In this Android 4.3 update, the native applications which is pre-installed in the device will be updated to the latest versions which are tweaked and much improved version towards stability. Sony’s WALKMAN now features cloud service integration which allows you to access both local and also the cloud storage without wasting time with extra steps in order to play files from the cloud storage. Their “Xperia Themes” are getting much of a better facelift with much more to customize in terms of user interface and downloadable themes collections are available for users which can be found in Sony Select.
This update also fixes minor bugs and performance issues with slight graphical glitches that some users faced in the previous 4.2.2 firmware, which overall makes this update as a perfect step towards a much stable and reliable release for the users. Sony didn’t mention the timing and availability for any of the regions which leads us to keep checking the software update on the device, but since this news is official, i am quite sure most of us are happy enough to wait a little longer to reach our respective regions. Any of you who have received the update notification can feel free to drop a comment and opinion on how it is performing and satisfying your usage pattern.