Nokia Lumia 525 launched in Singapore.

Today, Nokia has announced a new variant of their Lumia series with the name Lumia 525, in Singapore with the price of $249 SGD(Singapore Dollars). This looks like a cloned version of their hot selling model Lumia 520 with noticeable change of upgraded RAM from 512MB to 1GB for the Lumia 525 which occurred due to overwhelming requests from the sincere Nokia users who complained the lack of free RAM available while only few applications are running on the background, which lead them to introduce this upgraded model.
The Nokia Lumia 525 comes in 4 different colors , which the black one is with matte finish for better grip on hand, and the white, yellow, and orange ones are made out of glossy finish which looks very attractive , and with the advantage of exchangeable casing that applies for all colors which is another noticeable change that lacks in the Nokia Lumia 520. 
Pretty soon this device will hit our Malaysian market since they introduced it first at Singapore which is our neighboring country. I would guess the price range would be most likely around RM599 up to RM699. Would you get this device which runs on Windows Phone OS or rather get a Android device for a similar price range with could provide better capabilities in certain perspectives?