Edifier XM6BT Review - Budget Performance Speakers with Bluetooth
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I am pretty sure most of you know what is this review about based on the title. However, let me tell you something that I got to know from a little research with my fellow friend. Edifier, the brand itself is well-known outside of our country (Malaysia) and best known for its affordability yet reliability. Consumers have rated Edifier’s products with a mind set of Quality=Affordability. Now, getting back to Malaysia. I was kinda shocked the very moment I got to know that most people are not familiar with this brand and rather go for subtle brands with poorer quality yet unreliable. With sincere hope of by the end of this review, my readers would be able to rate this particular product and the brand itself within the same range of other high-end speakers manufacturers.

Get ready to be impressed~

This is how the Malaysian packaging box looks like

What comes within the box:-

1 x Woofer

2 x Speakers

1 x Remote Control

1 x 3.5mm audio cable

1 x Documentation with User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Notable features mentioned on the box.

The Edifier XM6BT is probably one of the best looking budget worthy speakers available out there. For a random remark from stranger would be like “I bet your speakers are expensive!”. In fact, this will be undeniable when you are to judge a particular item’s price tag via its outlook. Well, I guess enough of bragging about its outlook (although you will be impressed with it!) Let’s get to the next stage of what someone expects from speakers.

Design Language

This speaker looks like any other speakers but then when you look at the price point, only mid-range to high range will have such a decent quality finishing. Despite the affordable price tag, you can see that it has the outlook of something that costs way more than what you have paid for.

Available Inputs

The Edifier XM6BT seems like a full-fledged speaker having almost every most used input methods out there. There’s AUX, USB, SD card and Bluetooth. For those who wonder what are some of these inputs, let’s get into it one by one.

As for AUX, you can use the 3.5mm audio cable and connect any device you have which supports direct playback. For instance, connect your Sony Walkman using a 3.5mm audio cable with one connected to the XM6BT while the another connected to the Walkman.

USB, extremely common these days. Plug in your thumb drive and you’re good to go. SD card, when things get worse and your devices are out of juice, simply take out SD card and slot it directly into the Edifier XM6BT. Of course, you need the SDHC sized adapter as you can’t directly slot in the micro SD card.

Lastly, the Bluetooth support or rather another value for money feature. When you’re just too lazy to walk around here and there without having the hassle of messing around with wires, go wireless. Simply pair your Bluetooth device with the speakers and get your “eargasm” started.


This is where the entire console is located at. Console meaning the place where you can connect stuff and tweak sound. Apart from the inputs that I have mentioned above, there’s also a physical On and Off button. There are physical audio controls (Play,Rewind,Forward,Volume+,Volume-)

Best part of all will be the ability to control the Bass output with a physical knob. You can tune it according to your liking or when mood swing kicks into you randomly. Another visible part will be the ports where you can connect the left and right speakers. Just in case you dislike the speakers and love the woofer, there’s this option for you to upgrade the speakers only. 😛

On the left side of the Subwoofer, you will realize there’s a hole which looks like you can put something into it. But guys, for those who are not aware its actually the air-intake for the woofer itself. It’s just placed there so that the air can travel both ways. Otherwise the output of bass from the woofer is going to be horrible. Agree?

Before I move on to another part, do take note that you can actually remove the speaker mesh cloth-All of them! Well, this is definitely good for one particular thing. Any guesses? Obviously for you to clean it up once dust gets clogged into it. Kudos to Edifier to come up with this as we, the consumers would appreciate such additional advantages which makes our life easier.


Since this is just a 2.1 channel speaker unit, there’s only a pair of it. So, both of them look pretty normal and again great job on the quality of finishing the product. The wood job is done neatly and they even gave us option to hang the speakers on the wall with the hook hole made available on the back of the speakers.

Remote Control

Within the packaging of Edifier XM6BT, there’s a small remote control made available for your convenience. It comes pre-packed with the battery as well. Of course, anything that comes additional is something worth to cherish about. Another point goes to Edifier for providing the remote as compared to some within the same price range missing out on this.

Red LED- (SD/USB) Green LED – (AUX) Blue LED- (Bluetooth)

Audio Quality

Our team tested out the Edifier XM6BT and they were pretty impressed when they got to know the sound was coming from this pair of speakers. To be honest, this is probably the chart topper for this price range. Audio quality is above average and of course, why not hear it for yourself? Below is our video recording of the Edifier XM6BT playback on some random movie trailers. Keep in mind that audio quality will definitely differ from the “real life experience” however, giving you a rough idea of what XM6BT could offer is a value added feature that we offer to our readers:-


I definitely recommend to those who would want to get a pair of speakers for a budget price tag, this is your first choice without any doubt. Get to the nearest IT store and try it for yourself. Please don’t compare with speakers which are significantly expensive but go ahead and compare with similar price range or even some slightly expensive speakers. Quality finishing, reliable brand and decent outlook together with good audio quality. The Edifier XM6BT is a well-balanced and wisely placed product.

Audio quality at optimum level via AUX input.

The Edifier XM6BT is priced at RM239 inclusive of GSTS and available nationwide. The authorized exclusive distributor is Inter-Asia Technology Sdn. Bhd. and if you see some other distributor providing warranty claims for this particular product, it might probably be a duplicate product. Be aware and do take note on this. I can’t seem to find any online merchants selling this product yet, probably due to it being a new product. I will definitely add up some direct links to online merchants for your convenience.

Lazada link is up! ====> http://www.lazada.com.my/edifier-xm6bt-high-quality-21-multimedia-speaker-with-bluetoothaux-input-micro-sd-card-and-wireless-remote-18196845.html

Exclusive distributor – Inter-Asia Technology Sdn.Bhd

Technical Specifications