Edifier MP100 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review
Splash proof and dust proof, definitely a value added featureLightweight and carry anywhere you want toMicroSD slot is a mustBattery life is crazily good!
Price could be slightly lower No NFC but price will shoot up even more
8.1Overall Score
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Have you been looking for a Bluetooth speaker lately? There’s plenty available out there and it is probably hard to shorlist especially when there’s a huge variety in different price ranges. We have tested few of them and managed to get our hands on Edifier MP100 Mini Bluetooth speaker.


The Edifier MP100 comes in three different colors – Blue, Yellow and Green. We are lucky to get the Blue color alongside Yellow as both of them are our favorite colors. Within the packaging, there’s the USB cable, user guide and warranty card alongside the speaker itself.

This is an ultra lightweight Bluetooth speaker and highly recommended for those who like to carry around for presentation purpose or even dance sessions such as Zumba or aerobics. It does get very loud on maximized volume as the noise distortion is surprisingly not as noticeable as how we thought it would have been. The rubberized material on the outside is the one that makes the Edifier MP100 being rated of IP54 dust and splash proof.

There’s microSD card slot which allows you to slot in your favorite on-the-go tracks and start working out in the gym. Besides that, there is also a clip attached to the speaker which allows you to clip onto either your backpack or even your belt. Of course you can also hang it on the wall if you want to when there’s no proper place to situate the MP100.

The charging port is the standard USB port which you can use the same charging adapter of your smartphone. There’s a USB cable pre-packed and comes with the MP100 but there’s no wall adapter included. Could be something to argue about, however we all have plenty of adapters lying around on the floor these days. Of course, you can also plug it into any other usb supported charging devices such as your car’s charging port or even your laptop/desktop USB port.

Best part of this portable mini Bluetooth speaker will be its battery life and capacity. The MP100 could go up to 20 hours of non-stop music session, thanks to its 1500mAh battery capacity. That is a generous amount of battery provided by Edifier for us to use.

Your car lacks Bluetooth enabled multimedia player? There is no need to worry as you can use the Edifier MP100 as a speaker phone as well. Just connect and pair your smartphone to the MP100 and your answered call will be replied via the Bluetooth speaker. There’s no built-in microphone though, so you have to definitely depend on your smartphone placed somewhat near you.

We highly recommend the Edifier MP100 as we loved it during our review period of using it on a daily basis. It has a loud output, great build quality and surprisingly long battery life. If you are seriously looking to get a reliable Bluetooth speaker, this will be the wise choice and something to consider. In Malaysia, the official distributor for Edifier products warranty claims are from Inter-Asia Technology. The Edifier MP100 retails at RM149 in Malaysia and you can get it directly via Edifier Malaysia’s online store ==> LINK