What is Meow Chat? Taking mobile social network to a whole new level.

So, despite people all around talking about Whatsapp being bought over by Facebook, most of you would be anticipating what could Facebook integrate into the best ever instant messaging application in both iOS and Android. Out of nowhere, few days ago i received a new app request on Facebook, called Meow Chat, which i thought at first would be something within Facebook, and not a standalone app. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the invitation, which lead me to the Google Play Store as I was using my Nexus 4. Without wasting time, downloaded the application which is about 14MB of size.
Going to the user interface, I started uploading the photos, setting up the username, and also updated my broadcast message. Do take note that Meow Chat enables you to register via Facebook itself, saving your time by skipping most of the common tabs required. On top of that, you could also integrate Twitter, Instagram and even Tumblr! Awesome.
Okay, let’s just head over to the interesting parts of this app, starting from similarities it has with some commonly used applications. It has a feature called “Random Chat” which works exactly like the feature “Shake” that WeChat introduced long time ago. It simply means the users that are online at the same time and using the feature “Random Chat” would be matched up with the other hand of user. One extra option this feature has is that you can actually see how many people are actually using the “Random Chat” feature. Cool right?
Another feature called “Explore” is also similar to the feature that WeChat introduced, called “Look Around”. But hold on, Meow Chat has upgraded this feature by adding in extremely useful features, starting from a world map which can be found on top of the page once you get to the “Explore” tab. What you can actually do is, there is a crosshair which you could point to a particular location of your choice, the Meow Chat application would refresh quickly enough to notify you who are the users using this application at that Country, or even State and probably even closer to City! What a wonderful feature from Meow Chat to the users as it actually made my life easier as sometimes I would require to look for users at a specific country related to my job scope.
Meow Chat actually spent a lot of time to optimize and include most of the commonly needed feature that most of us would expect from a social network application. Another point that I would like to highlight, is that when you actually send a message to a specific person, it would indicate as “Read” in your inbox once the user have seen the message, just like the feature “Seen” which Facebook introduced not too long ago. Another point to be noted down is that if the user is online, there would be a tick exactly placed behind the user’s name, so if you could not get a reply from a specific contact, do check if the user is online or not in the first place before jumping into conclusion.
Well, these are the major exciting features which Meow Chat brings for their users, which actually made me addicted to it as it is always fun to meet and greet new people all around the world. Oh yes, before I forget, if you prefer to make your profile private instead of public, you could enable it under the “Settings” tab.
So guys, what do you think of the Meow Chat application? Would you give it a try? No real harm to try it after all, it is really worth the curiosity to test it out. Also, feel free to drop comments if you would like to give your personal opinions or even any other interesting features that I left out.
Get the app here for Android users and here for iOS users.