Spotify’s latest update brings you to the dark side?

Web based Spotify with the dark theme.
Hope the title didn’t scare you off, what that supposed to mean is today, Spotify started to push out a major update for their users, which includes an introductory to a whole new user interface which is now comes with a new darker theme. On top of that the fonts are pretty much designed to look better to blend in with the dark looking theme, Oh yes, now the album cover will be round shaped instead of the “boxey” commonly used boring design. However, you could still use the “boxey” cover art with the option to revert.


Hold on peeps, we are not done yet. The update was not just about the new looks, Spotify also brings in couple of interesting and helpful features. One of them is “Your Music” – this is a feature where you could customize your playlist to the way you want it to be. As simple as that, let’s say that you like a particular artist, and you would want to set his/her songs according to your mood. You have an option to fiddle on when or how you want the song to be played, it’s clearly up to you. Also, if certain cover art is extremely eye candy and you could not resist to have it in your playlist, or probably a song? even an whole album? Worry no more, hit the save button and it would be added instantly into your collection.
Another feature which is worth to talk about, “Browse” now have been far much improved to deliver much relevant and localized content. What this could mean, is that depending on your interest and mood, when the initial search for a particular song has been performed, Spotify would be able to narrow down towards much relevant songs that could suit your mood at that moment and end up getting the most suitable song without even having to search for the song title. So far I have not received this update yet on my Nexus 4, so guys don’t worry too much if you have not get the updated version yet, it’s being rolled out step by step based on the country they decide to push the update. Just wait up for the notification from your smartphone which will trigger you to perform update, “to the dark side”.
Right! For some of you whom have not tried Spotify, let me enlighten you with some basic description. Spotify is the next generation of digital music service. Yes, you could use this app for free, but it is very much worth to upgrade to the Premium.
Spotify – Comparison of Free vs Premium Service
Spotify is already established in more than 55 countries, so reliability is not really an issue here. What are you waiting for? Head over to the Google Play if you’re using an Android device or the iTunes if you’re using an iOS device. Do you like the new look and features of Spotify?