Snapdragon 805 VS Tegra K1 aka. Tegra 5

So I been browsing around the net and could not find  any good comparison that I could actually look at to know what’s the difference between these two highly-rated  next generation processors. So with a little effort I managed to put up a table to summarize what are the specifications these two processors offer side by side.

Spec Snapdragon 805 Tegra K1
CPU Krait 450 Quad-Core Nvidia 4 Plus 1 Quad-Core ARM Cortex – A15
Clock Speed Up to 2.5GHz Up to 2.3GHz
GPU Adreno 420(40% increase in performance compared to Adreno 330) Nvidia Kepler with 192 Nvidia Cuda Cores
Memory 128 Bit Quad-Channel LPDDR3-1600 Memory 2x 32 Bit Dual-Channel Memory, DDR3L and LPDDR3
Display 4K UHD 4K UHD
Process 28nm 28nm
64 Bit No Yes
GPU Frequency Up to 500 MHz Up to 950 MHz
I was always thinking that the Snapdragon 805 is going feature a 64-bit processor, but looks like I was wrong after all. However, it’s specifications are not too bad as it would still claim it’s first spot on the fastest ARM based SoC of the year 2014. Do take note that the Snapdragon 805 also supports DirecX 11, with the 3D performance boosting up to 40%.
The Tegra K1 is over-powered when you look at it’s GPU capability which I would assume that a smartphone powered by the Tegra K1 processor would most likelly over-heat pretty quickly, but it would be suitable for use in any tablets for it’s massive gaming performance that it could provide and a bigger body build of a device could always withstand most of the incoming heat within. Probably a phablet would be able to sustain the heat around the size of Sony Xperia Z Ultra?
Lastly, all the devices that would come with these processors would most likely to feature a 2K display capability or higher despite it’s support would go up to 4K.
What do you have to say when it comes to these two processors? How would Tegra perform this time, with it’s mouth-watering specifications which could easily outperform the Snapdragon 805 processor? Would it be a success story this time for the Nvidia’s Tegra or another flop story?