Looks like BBM is slowly making its way to become a stock app on branded smartphones, and to a kick start, first ever device to feature BBM as a stock application is the LG G Pro Lite which will be coming soon to all markets. Followed by all LG’s future devices would definitely feature BBM in it out of box.
BBM was one of the most famous messaging application on Blackberry devices, but as to keep up with the latest technology that evolves fast, Blackberry introduced Blackberry OS 10 which is a major upgrade in terms of user interface and features.With this, Blackberry started to think out of box by offering BBM towards non Blackberry devices, where Apple or Android users can get it from their respective stores.
I would assume that in the near future, other major smartphone providers such as Samsung, HTC, and even Nokie as soon as it is made available for Windows platform.
Haven’t try out BBM yet? Grab it now at BBM for Android or BBM for Apple.

via Blackberry