HTC One Google Play Store Edition gets the most anticipated 4.4.2 Update

Few days ago, most of the Nexus devices received Android 4.4.2 KitKat which features a much improved and bug fixed version of the earlier 4.4.1 version which had some problems that some users feared of. Today Google and HTC together have released the 4.4.2 version to the Google Play Edition of HTC One.
This update was mainly focused of the Nexus 5’s camera improvements and even the speaker maximum volume which noticeably increased to a decent level, and if this takes place in the HTC One Google Play Edition, I guess the Boomsound front facing stereo speakers might perform much louder than before. Alongside that, HTC has also posted on the HTCDev page the framework files and kernel source so that the devs could tinker with it.
There is  no news so far on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, which might be not far away from receiving it’s 4.4.2 update. I wonder what else did the update improved on the HTC One GE? Maybe the camera quality might have increased as well to work better with the capability that Ultrapixel could actually perform. To those who own this device, what do you think about this update from Google and HTC?