What comes to your mind when we mention the word projector? What about when we mention smart projector? Well, as far as we all know, projector is something that projects a content which is reflected by the lens and via wired connection such as HDMI etc. Smart projector here means a projector that does not only depend on those mentioned methods, it has a built-in android box which allows you to watch contents directly via the projector. Lumos Auro is the smart projector we are talking about and we will go into the technical specifications first.

High Quality Picture Quality

A common problem when we use a projector will be the placement distance of the projector versus the wall. The Lumos Auro eliminates the issue as it has a short throw ratio of (1.3:1). This is suitable for small rooms as from a distance of 3 meters can enable you to project an impressive 100-inch screen! On top of that, you get true 1080p Full HD resolution – we will say as close to Blu-Ray standard. Thankfully the brightness is not neglected as it has 6000 Lumens hence colors stay vivid yet crystal clear. A standard projector usually only have around 2000-3000 Lumens.

Contents Hassle-free

As mentioned during the introduction, you don’t really have to depends on the HDMI or any other wired connection. Thankfully as the Lumos Auro is smart enough to have built-in Netflix and Youtube. We all know that most Malaysian tend to rely heavily on these two content viewing applications. The Android version might be old but trust us as it is sufficient for the projector to run smoothly and efficiently.

Cast Contents Wirelessly?

Yes, you can also cast any contents from your mobile device to the Lumos Auro smart projector. You can use it for Zoom meetings, stream music via Spotify and also play mobile games via a huge 100-inch screen! How simple can that be? We think this is a very important yet simple feature that not many offer, thankfully Lumos have made proper research on what actually the consumers would want additionally as a value-added feature.

Modern & Futuristic Build Quality

The Lumos Auro looks premium and has the minimalistic touch whereby can go along on however your room has been setup. It would however look way better if it is placed in a modern looking setup such as a room with nice looking CPU, Smart TV and etc.

What about the audio department? How good is the sound from the built-in speakers? Well, i will rate it around 7/10, it is not too loud but it is still decent enough. Sound quality is good thanks to the existance of Dolby Audio. Even better, you can hook up your home theater system to it and enjoy your duplicate experience of watching movies at the cinema. The SMART Version Auro is also bluetooth enabled. So users can connect to any existing wireless bluetooth speaker (E,g. Google Home) to bring the sound to another level conveniently.

Rize Stand

This is basically a stand for the projector which allows you to place Lumos Auro in your preferred position and the height can be adjusted up to 120cm.  This is something you have to purchase as a bundle by paying an extra RM179. Our suggestion is for you guys to get it as a bundle as it eliminates the need of getting a different stand which may or may not fit yet support the placement as accurate as the Rize Stand.

Conclusion of Lumos Auro

This is already a well known product here in Malaysia as by the time this review goes live, many local reviewers have already done their part in experiencing it. All of them have given a 5-star rating which also includes end-users who purchased the product directly from Lumos Malaysia itself!

Pricing and Availability

The Lumos Auro comes in two versions, the regular and the smart version. We would obviously ask you guys to get the smart version as it maximizes your experience of using a smart projector. The Lumos Auro regular is priced at RM999 while the Lumos Auro Smart is priced at RM1298. As mentioned, an add-on optional accessory is the Rize Stand which is priced at RM179. For the same specifications, competitors are selling at a price point of RM3000-RM4000. It is way higher and hence the Lumos Auro Smart Version is definitely penny-worth. #supportlocal

You may purchase it directly via online at Lumos Malaysia official website. The Lumos Auro projectors comes standard with One year local manufacturer warranty.