In real world term, we would love to have a smartphone which can charge super fast or rather instantly. Of course we are in the verge of almost having that particular technology in stable manner. There’s this commonly known term of Quick charging technology from Qualcomm, but how many of you are aware that VOOC charging from OPPO is one of the earliest in the industry?

It is probably the most reliable and most favored fast charging technology available in the market which provides very fast charging especially those who are really busy and barely have time to charge their smartphone. The first smartphone that we used was OPPO R5 which had a very poor battery life back then simply because of the capacity which was limited to only 2000mAh. But the past part of the smartphone will be its insanely slim design of only 4.9mm in thinness. This was made possible back then because the trending no 3.5mm headphone jack was already present on the OPPO R5.

For compensating the poor battery life on the R5, OPPO included VOOC charging technology which instantly charges the smartphone to full capacity within less than 45 minutes! That’s right, just 45 minutes. Same technology being improved and implemented into their latest flagship which is the OPPO R9s, which is one of the main selling point of this device.

It takes roughly about an hour for a full charge despite its capacity of 3010mAh. We have reviewed the R9s which you can get to know about the battery life of device in a better way. So, how does VOOC charging works?

Fast charging works when the watt is higher, there will be more power which results in faster charging. For instance, normal chargers will have “5V-1.5A/2A sort of reading on the charging adapter. A standard 2A adapter releases around 10W while a faster charger capped at 9V and about 1.5A will result in about 15W. VOOC fast charging is unique on its own, where it uses 5V and 4A output which results in about 20W! That is pretty high output on such a low voltage.

Having a low voltage will maintain the temperature of the battery while it is being charged and does not heat up the smartphone as much as other fast charging technology. Also to take note will be the differences on where usually most of us use our phone while it is connected to the wall charger, lets say for gaming. The phone will usually gets heated up pretty badly and at the same time the charging rate will be super slow! On VOOC technology, you can use your OPPO R9s flawlessly while charging. It does heat up but it will not be as noticable as other smartphone’s charging technology. Also, the charging speed will maintain although you’re actually using it. So, now you know how precious is VOOC charging technology from OPPO right? It is well patented and the only company which is capable of offering this particular criteria on their flagship smartphones.

If you realize the battery percentage of charging slows down when it reaches around 70%, it is normal. It is a safety measure whereby protects and keeps your battery healthy without damaging it in the process of fast charging. There’s also Super VOOC charging technology which was released by OPPO lately which charges much faster where you can get 2500mAh within just 15 minutes!.

Just in case if you are about to buy the latest OPPO R9s, do not hesitate as it is probably the best choice you can get at the moment for RM1798. It is a stable smartphone with great camera, display, design, reliability and of course best charging technology. What do you think about the VOOC charging technology? Yay or Nay?

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