ezbuy Malaysia Review – Taobao in English

ezbuy1I know most of you have heard of Lazada, 11 Street and Gemfive. For those who are familiar with these online stores, you might as well know and heard of Taobao. Taobao is a marketplace where you can purchase from China and other neighboring countries. One common problem that most of us will face is the site being 100% in Chinese language. Therefore most of us tend to not use this online store and prefer to stay safe and use the rest which has limited features.

This is where ezbuy Malaysia comes in place. This is a website which works similar with Taobao and therefore has an interface based on English. This makes it user friendly for me to use the service as I don’t speak Chinese language. This is the main reason I will consider using this service.

Another reason to consider ezbuy Malaysia is for its Prime membership. The Prime membership allows you to do make bulk purchases and only pay RM8.80 nett regardless of the parcel size and weight. In order to be a member of Prime service, you have subscribe and pay for an annual subscription. It costs you RM188 and as I mentioned, the service will be active for a year and you can purchase anything regardless of the size and weight for a flat rate of only RM8.80. Temporarily there’s a trial period which allows you to test this product for a month first which costs RM18.80. This allows flexibility for us to actually try first and see if its worth a shot to use and import goods using ezbuy Malaysia.

How to get started?

Register and log in

  • Find product, copy & paste the product URL then click “EZ-BUY” button, put special remarks if you need to, submit.
  • Review all your orders in the shopping cart, check out.
  • Go to “My Prepay” to top up (fill up transaction details after transferring to us).
  • Go to “My Payment” & click “Pay Now” to complete your 1st payment (product cost + domestic shipping fee ).
  • We will start to process your orders, order status will be updated timely and you are able to monitor order progress.
  • You can give us instruction to hold or ship orders arrive in Guangzhou warehouse.
  • Submit to ship your arrived orders and make your 2nd payment (international shipping fee + agent fee).
  • Receive orders and acknowledge.

Payment Methods

There are few methods that you can use to purchase “Top Up” in order to make payments within ezbuy Malaysia:-

  1. E-Banking –  Uses local bank apps such as Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks etc. ( Via MolPay with 2.4% surcharge applies)
  2. Manual Internet Banking – There’s few bank account details available and you have to use your online banking apps to transfer, followed by inserting the Transaction details. ( The finance department will then start to verify the transaction which will take some time)
  3.  ATM Transfer – This method is similar as the Manual Internet Banking but the only difference is you will be doing this via ATM, for those who have no internet banking service available.
  4. Credit Card – This is linked to PayPal and is not finalized for our usage yet. This could be the most used payment method as it is extremely straightforward.

ezbuy2Shipping Method

There’s several method that your item will be delivered:-

  1. DHL Express
  2. Priority Air
  3. Economy Air
  4.  Sea

I am yet to try the Prime membership as I have no urge to actually import items in a bulk. Therefore this could be very useful for those who are looking to start a business here locally by importing goods at an affordable pricing.

For my beloved readers, I have something special for you. Register via link: http://bit.ly/EzbuyRM15 and get free RM15 credit in your account. In addition to this, get 15% discount on shipping fee by using the code EZJUL15. Do keep in mind that this code is only valid till 1st of August.

Based on my experience of using the normal ezBuy Malaysia service, I find this to be very promising and could be famous locally in a very short period. This post is just to give you guys an awareness on the service ezbuy Malaysia offer and rest left is for you to try it out by yourself.

This is the direct link to ezbuy Malaysia – LINK and if you’re looking forward to the Prime membership and would want to know more info about it, please visit Prime Service.