Docking Station for All - Logitech K780
+ Great build quality+ Good typing experience+ New canal design can fit many phone
- No more dial system
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In our previous review of the Logitech K480, we note that it is a product of at most convenience, the unique function of switching between device delivers the function of a KVM switch, but without the tedious wiring. With such unique function, is not surprising that Logitech came out with a more advanced and solving what was lacking in the K480. So what has been added to the already great offering? Let’s find out with our review of Logitech K780.

The Logitech K780 is the newest addition of the Logitech K Series.

The Logitech K780 is the newest addition of the Logitech K Series.

Clack Clack Clack

Featuring a none standard, QWERTY layout, the Logitech K780 is very fitting in a productivity environment with multiple devices. Space in between keys are well layouts, you won’t be missing your keys even you’re a first time user on this keyboard.

The Logitech K780 features a none standard, QWERTY layout.

The Logitech K780 features a none standard, QWERTY layout.

The control pad section of this keyboard is merged with other section to make ways for more space. To be honest, I don’t really miss the control pads section, the only button I used there is the print screen button, but even that significantly lessened once I begin to use the snipping tools comes with Windows.

The Logitech K780's control pad is merged with other parts of the keyboard.

The control pad is merged with other parts of the keyboard.

The one thing that’s a hit and miss for this keyboard is the arrow keys, it is half of the size compare to the other normal keys. It is so small, is hard for an adult man to position his finger on the up and down button at the same time. Thus, if you do works that require arrow button extensively, tread lightly.

We love the typing experience on the Logitech K780, it used a soft membrane instead of the hard one in the Logitech K480. The key strike is rather quiet if not silent, this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Every keystroke has a subtle and gentle response, which reflect more of a premium laptop keyboard feelings.

Priced at a premium range, the Logitech reflects every single value of it on its typing experience, despite not everyone’s cup of tea, it is definitely for this writer. Sublime in the office, the near silent key strike is great with environments that require quiet but also fast typist.

Dude, hold my phone, and phone, and phone

Just like the K480, the Logitech K780 have a canal where your phones can fit in there. Unlike the K480, this canal is long, 38cm long! You know how many phones I can fit in there? 5 phone vertically, 3 horizontally! 3 tables vertically and 2 horizontally. I don’t know you but a person with 5 phone need to learn about dual sims.


Anyway, the angle of the canal is nicely angled at 120 degrees, which display phone at a comfortable angle.  This feature is something Logitech got it very correctly since the K480, this now is improved with an open end on both side to allow more device to fit in. If I have an iPad Pro, I’m sure this will help with the user experience.

The K780 allow device to rest nicely and visible to user at 120 degrees.

Your device can rest nicely and visible to you at 120 degrees.

The multi-device dilemma

Much like the K480, the Logitech K780 has the function to switch between the connection of multiple devices. But unlike the K480, the Logitech K780 lost the dial and adapted a button-based system. Sadly, we liked the dial very much. The device switching button is now the F1,2,3 keys, which is default as the device switching button.

The Logitech K780 device switching button is now the F1,2,3 keys.

The device switching button is now the F1,2,3 keys.

The switching process is so fast, it takes place under 1-2 second. While writing this review, we have switched back and forth seamlessly between an Android phone and a Window tablet. One unique addition to the already great connection package is the additional Unifying dongle, it will replace one of three connection button should you want it. This is great if you be using a desktop with no Bluetooth.

Now the Logitech K780 comes with the Unifying dongle as addition connection choice!

Now the Logitech K780 comes with the Unifying dongle as aditional connection choice!

To further allows a smooth experience with the smartphone, the Logitech K780 have dedicated F4 as Home Button, F5 as Recent, and F6 as the Back button. Thus far this is considered useful, but if your work heavy involves the function keys, the might irritates you since you constantly need to hold the FN key to access the Function buttons.

We are not particularly in favour of the dial to button change, the dial works well but we understand it takes up too much space. But having the Function Key as the device switching key might make using the button and switching device somewhat tedious. That being said, I can’t remember the last time I use the F1,2,3 keys. Thus, it is totally up to your keyboard utilisation style on how it would affact you.

The Logitech K780 build

You know one thing that I felt Logitech would stand by is it quality. So far the Logitech devices that I used had rarely failed me (except for this one case that the mouse flew and hit a wall, don’t judge me). The K780 have a premium build, it is solid and heavy, and have every single detail well sorted out. This is one keyboard would sit well in your office, and last a very long time while looking great!

The foundation of the keyboard is a form of hard rubber, it added a great amount of weight onto the keyboard. It is so heavy now that we can be sure the design of this keyboard is not intended to carry around. Is this a bad thig? As the K480 are designed as a portable keyboard, the K780 is really more of a stationary keyboard, it performs the best that way and not intend to carry around.

The Logitech K780 is a premium build Keyboard. Sturdy and elegance.

The Logitech K780 is a premium build Keyboard. Sturdy and elegance.


The Logitech K780 use 2 AAA batteries for power and is rated to be able to last for 2 years.  Priced at RM369, but you can get them around RM268 at Lazada here. To this writer, this is a steal, this is one solid keyboard that most likely will last you for years. And with it build quality, we think is a good investment for every office user out there!

Do we recommend the Logitech K780? Yes, a well-designed office keyboard, if you work involves moving from device to another, this is an amazing way to improve productivity.


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