Maxthon launches Cloud Browser for Windows in Beta stage

I am pretty sure most of you would have heard of Maxthon before, as it is one of the top web browser in Android platform. However, they have decided to focus on capturing the attention of Windows users by releasing a beta staged Cloud browser on that platform. Some of the noticeable features that Maxthon offers are :-
‘Cloud Push’ which supports sending text, images, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems and also ‘Cloud Share’ which allows you to share text,images,websites/links and files with your friends. There is also ‘Cloud Download’ which simply means downloading files in various formats and you have an option of backing it up to ‘My Cloud’ on any device. There is also ‘My Cloud Tabs’ which auto syncs any of the tabs you left off with to Android, iOS or even Mac. Not to forget, it also features ‘Cloud Sync’ which syncs your account data such as Favorites, settings,and even Magic fill data!. It has quite a number of useful features which almost what Google offers to it’s users.
Some common built in features that Maxthon Cloud Browser offers are Reader Mode(ability to adjust the font size), Night mode(adjust the brightness), Ad Hunter(removing annoying ads with one click), New Session(simultaneous logging), Source Sniffer(one click download of photos,audio and even embedded videos), SkyNote(similar to ‘Sticky Notes’ but this one could even sync to your Android device)  and “Do Not Track”(ability to protect your privacy from the ad networks). There is this feature of capturing a screenshot of the entire webpage called ‘Snap’ which can be done instantly by just clicking on a camera button which is placed in the toolbar. Some of us might find this feature to be quite useful at times rather than saving the whole webpage or adding an extension of a third party app.
To be honest, they do offer quite a number of features that tempted me to try it out personally, I would say it’s pretty stable for daily usage of web browsing. However, since it is still under beta stage, I am pretty sure there are still some minor bugs to be fixed which secludes me from recommending users to stick with this. So as your part of excitement, why don’t try this out and satisfy yourself? Who knows as you might actually prefer it to any other common web browsers.