Nexus 7 2013 or iPad mini with retina display?

Photo taken from Redmond Pie
I was wondering , between Nexus 7 (2013) and iPad mini with retina display, which one is a better bet? At first I looked at the specification sheet and ended up shortlisting few stuffs such as :-
Nexus 7(2013)                                                
-Very cheap price tag .                                           
-Awesome HD display(1200×1920 pixels).                                         
-Good performance(Quadcore+KitKat)                
-Stereo speakers.                                                  
-2GB Ram.                                                          
-Unlocked bootloader!(for advanced users)             
-No memory card expansion slot.
-Quite number of apps still not optimized for KitKat.
-Outdated processor (S600) compared to the latest S805
-Matte/plastic back finish.
-No camera flash.
-No vibration(big upset for me)
iPad mini with retina display
-Dual microphone.                                       
-Faster charging than the previous iPad mini                                                                            
-Nice built quality.                                           
-New A7 processor(64bit).                             
-Excellent battery life.                                     
-works on all LTE cellular bands.
-Slightly thicker and heavier than the previous iPad mini. 
-No Touch ID feature which iPad Air doesn’t have too unlike the iPhone 5S.
-Expensive price tag.
-No camera flash too.
-No flexibility in transferring files,etc without iTunes.
Well, even with Nexus 7(2013)’s beyond Full HD screen, pixel density on the iPad mini with retina display is slightly more(323 ppi vs 326 ppi), thought this is nothing as our eyes can barely see any difference literally. 
Now lets go to the conclusion part, I would rather choose the Nexus 7(2013) because it’s much cheaper, flexible and lighter.Wait, that doesn’t mean i’m going to get the Nexus, matter of fact, I won’t be getting neither one of them solely because i’m in love with the highly rated iPad Air as it’s much attractive compared to both of these in many ways .