Apple: iOS 7 is the fastest growing OS from us.

According to Apple’s developer support page, there is a chart showing how fast iOS 7 is growing compared to any other previous versions that they came up with, including iOS 6. On the chart you can see iOS 7 is already 74% in total with iOS 6 at 22% and other earlier versions is at 4%. From this we can realize that Apple is doing very well with their products, resulting in many of their latest devices being purchased which comes preloaded with iOS 7. It also proofs that most of the existing users had already updated their devices, while some would still prefer their iPhones,iPads and even iPods touch models with iOS 6 due to lack of hardware capability , and can be even personal user preferences.

The chart also shows that some users are still using earlier versions than the iOS 6. This is most likely because of older hardware and which is not possible to be upgraded or even eligible for new updates. Looks like Apple is still doing quite well in terms of software updates as many of their customers are adapting pretty well to their new operating system. What do you have to say regarding this chart and are you satisfied with iOS 7 as much preferred choice compared to the iOS 6?