Enrich your ZenFone 2 and make the most out of it with these ZenUI tips. Use them to enhance your device’s performance and to bring out its sheer elegance. You’ll never be able to go back to not having these features!


Tip #1: Show off your unique style using Launcher.

 Swipe up or tap and hold any free space on the home screen to open ASUS Launcher and start customizing your phone to your liking. Apply different combinations of wallpapers, icon skins, or fonts to your phone. No one will have the same design as you.


Tip #2: Feel the need to change it up every once in a while? Change your theme to match your mood from our theme packs.
 Feeling one way today but another tomorrow? No worries! Easily switch between many luxurious themes using the ASUS Launcher. Swipe up from the home page and tap Themes to select the one you prefer.


Tip #3: Change the font style to fit your personality.
 Are you bored of the default font and would like to try a different one? This can be changed very easily by going to Settings > Display and then Font style. From there, you can choose your favorite font style.


Tip #4: Don’t you hate having to reach for the power button? Learn to double-tap instead.
 Forget about the power button. Simply double-tap the screen to turn your phone’s screen on/off. Wait, what’s a power button again?


Tip #5: Do you think your phone is too slow? Boost it!
 Swipe down the notification bar twice when you’re using any app and tap Boost to speed up your phone!


Tip #6: To have more memory and a longer battery life, use Auto-start Manager.
 Do you need to get even more out of your battery? Do you feel the need to free up even more memory? Use Auto-Start Manager to choose which apps to prevent from running in the background. Select the apps individually or select them all with just a single swipe.


Tip #7: Stay alert using the Weather app at all times.
 Use ZenFone’s Weather app to help you stay healthy. The weather app provides information not only about the weather, but information on the air quality in Taiwan and China as well. Use the Pollutant Standards Index to make your own judgment.


Tip #8: With animated app icons, you don’t even need to enter the app!
 Apps such as Clock*, Weather, Calendar, and Power Saver have real-time displays. Their icons are updated with the current time, weather, date, and battery percentage.
* Clock > Settings > Animated app icon


Tip #9: Choose your favorite Cover View’s watch face on the fly.*
 Make your phone even more personalized by changing the Cover View’s Clock theme to one of your liking. Choose between many different digital or analog styles.
* This feature is only available if you have the ZenFone 2 Flip Cover accessory.


Tip #10: Enjoy 100 GB of free Google Drive storage.
 If you’re a ZenFone 2 user, you are eligible to receive 100 GB of cloud storage, free of charge, on Google Drive! Save any of your desired files and access them through all of your devices. Google Drive is also seamlessly integrated with File Manager, Gallery, and the Music app to provide absolute convenience.

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