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(from left to right) Peter Tang, Head of Alternate Channel for U Mobile Sdn. Bhd. and C.J. Ong, Head of Operations for Bison Stores Sdn. Bhd

U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, is partnering with Bison Stores Sdn Bhd to expand its non-traditional distribution channels to create more touchpoints for its existing and potential customers. The full-fledged telco is proud to be the first in the market to retail prepaid starter packs and mobile reloads at myNEWS.com, Newsplus, Magbit and The Front Page outlets nationwide, successfully allowing greater access to its range of best-in-class products and offerings for a larger audience.

Expansion of Distribution Channels

The partnership with Bison Stores chain outlets look to expand U Mobile’s reach to 195 Bison Stores chain outlets nationwide which include myNEWS.com, Newsplus, Magbit and The Front Page stores. U Mobile consistently strives to venture into innovative approaches to maximize consumer awareness and reach of its products. U Mobile products are currently readily available at hypermarkets, convenience stores, retail outlets, hospitals, magazine kiosks, transportation hubs, airports and shopping malls. In total, U Mobile has expanded its distribution channels to more than 22,200 outlets nationwide.

The initiative to expand distribution channel addresses U Mobile’s growth and aggressive tactic in gaining greater presence as a challenger brand in the nation. U Mobile’s expansion of its distribution channels looks to be a part of its greater business expansion strategy, especially following its recent 2,000 sites rollout and “Vision 2 Million” campaign which aims to add two million new subscribers by the end of the year.

First Telco to Offer Prepaid Packs

The collaboration signifies U Mobile as the first in the market to offer its prepaid starter packs in Bison Stores chain outlets. U Mobile’s best-in-class prepaid experience, which offers bigger data bandwidth, higher affordability and longer validity period than other prepaid plans in the market will now be easily available for consumers at Bison Stores chain outlets nationwide. The partnership signifies U Mobile’s relentless pursuit towards innovation be it through products and services, consumer engagement and distribution channels.

To date, U Mobile’s prepaid plans remain its hottest-selling product amongst its subscriber base. Its FREE calls and unlimited mobile internet proposition guarantees a value-for-money mobile experience for consumers, enabling them to stay connected with the best mobile internet connectivity in town. Following this partnership, U Mobile looks to continue its innovative marketing approaches as it continues its brand proposition of unique, market-best, and value-for-money products and services.

Partnership with Bison Chain Outlets

U Mobile’s partnership with Bison Stores Chain outlets marks a strategic and innovative collaboration that is targeted to attract a wider range of audiences for both parties. Bison Stores chain outlets are primarily located in key locations that receive high traffic, ensuring its distribution of U Mobile products to be a valuable business proposition in the long-run for both parties.

The collaboration additionally enables Bison Stores Chain outlets the opportunity to expand its variety of products to its consumers which is in line with its positioning as a leading press and convenience brand. Moreover, the partnership represents U Mobile’s efforts in pursuing innovative and unconventional approaches to expand their distribution channels to the next level.

“We recognise the importance of increasing consumer touchpoints as we explore new avenues in bringing U Mobile products and experiences closer to customers. Being one of the leading telcos in the nation, U Mobile believes that this partnership is beneficial in creating more sales opportunities to increase our market share as U Mobile mobilizes its strategies proactively even further,” said Alex Tan, Chief Sales Officer of U Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

U Mobile prepaid starter packs are now available Bison Stores chain outlets nationwide in Malaysia and are easily accessible for purchase. For further information on U Mobile, log on to www.u.com.my today or visit the nearest U Mobile store outlet.