Malaysia finally gets full coverage of Google Street View


Photosphere on Google Street View

Yes! You have read it right. After a long wait of getting to see your own home, memorable places, wanting to visit area, or almost anywhere you want to see in Malaysia. You can now access via  ( previously known as which still redirects to the current link )and type your street name/ point of interest, etc. Once your location has loaded, simply drag the yellow “stick man” icon and let it go at your desired location, next just sit and wait for the magic to happen! I found my car, house, dad, school, friends, almost everything I wanted to see after a long time with such ease.

Previously most of us were aware that the Google Street View in Malaysia was limited to some major tourist destinations and parks only but now you can lurk around anywhere you want virtually in Malaysia, all the way from Perlis to Johor Bahru. Yes, Langkawi is covered as well. If you’re wondering what about Sabah and Sarawak? Unfortunately these states are not covered by Google Street View yet, so let’s hope that it will be soon covered as well so that those guys staying in Klang Valley can have a sneak peak of their hometown. 😛 ( Update: Google Street View vehicles was spotted at Sabah and Sarawak recently. Thanks to a tweet from @GuyfromNB  )


Is that a “saman” on the windscreen?

So what are you waiting for? Hit the link above and proceed to test drive the Google Maps Street View all by yourself.