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Earlier, during the IFA event which held at Berlin, Germany Samsung has announced officially four new gadgets to make your cravings even more than before as those are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Gear S, and Samsung Gear VR. Nobody expected two versions of Note to be released at the same time especially with the curved edge design really surprised most people out there as no rumors regarding that was shared or went viral as how the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was and proven to be what we knew already.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Lets start with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The new flagship device has a Quad HD display which comes in a resolution of 2560×1440 fitted into a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a pixel density of 515ppi. From Full HD to Quad HD now shows how fast technology evolves even in mobile industry. The display is really gorgeous as during the event itself you can see how tempting it was to feel it for yourself. The Multi Window still exists as it is a trademark feature specially designed for Samsung devices from Samsung itself.

The back camera comes with a 16MP sensor which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 but this time out it comes with Smart OIS. With the Image stabilization you can now have a great quality photo directly captured via your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 standard 13MP camera which was not a bad performer even without OIS. Excited much? On the front, you have a 3.7MP selfie camera with a unbelievable aperture of f1.9! You can now capture a good quality photo with better image quality with most details captured properly and less distortion. Oh, now you are able to capture up to 120-degree wide angle photos in another word “panorama” via the front shooter.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now comes with a brand new feature called Fast Charging which enables you to charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes and according to Samsung, the battery life on this new beast is 7.5% better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You still have the Ultra Power Saving Mode to enhance your battery life accordingly. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with 3 microphones which enables you to record voices where for example three people sitting at three different positions and when you playback, you actually get to hear the voices coming from different positions as well. How cool and useful is that? The Fingerprint Scanner which was initially introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S5 still remains in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well.

Without the S Pen, it is definitely not a Note device as you get a much improved S Pen experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You get a more natural brush effect which almost equivalent to writing on paper with a fountain or a calligraphy pen. Air Command remains where you get features such as Action Memo, Screen Write, Image Clip and Smart Select which eventually will be productive for your daily usage.

The design language on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is phenomenal. You get a premium metal frame with smooth curving which fits perfectly with the display, you also get 2.5D glass screen which is really premium quality which offers great viewing experience. On the back, you get a soft textured back cover which feels nice to hold in your hands. With great looks, you get a durable and superior grip back cover.

You will get either a 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 Quad core processor or 1.9GHz Octa core processor depending on your country and mobile carrier. 3GB of RAM instead of 4GB of RAM expected by many, still plenty of RAM there, with 32GB of internal storage and option of memory expansion with micro SD slot.

You get LTE connectivity and again depending on country and carrier it could be either CAT 4 or CAT 6, as in Malaysia, you get the CAT 4 edition obviously. It comes out of the box with Android KitKat as Android L is still in development progress, not too far away though. Last but not least the battery capacity is set at 3220mAh rather than the 3200mAh found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As mentioned, they claim the battery life to be far much better than any other device that they have released even with new Quad HD display, the power consumption on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is incredibly low.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The specifications remain almost identicial as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, of course the main attraction is the display itself as the right edge is curved and has a dedicated display which works as a separate notification bar, toggles, menu, camera shutter, and loads more depending on what you want it to be. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is definitely a eye-candy gadget as I fell in love with it the very moment it was unleashed.

The differences are the screen size where it is set at 5.6-inch. Comes in only one type of processor, probably the Snapdragon 805. Lastly a lower battery capacity of 3000mAh which is not that bad as well.