Fuji Xerox brings Versant™ 2100 Press into Malaysia

The Versant 2100

Yesterday, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific officially launched the all new Versant™ 2100 Press into Malaysian market which is the best solution for boosting productivity and versatility for businesses which are very much dependent towards digital businesses. The Versant™ 2100 is the ideal choice for print professionals simply because it is capable of printing up to 100 prints per minute. With such capability which not many print machines could perform as equally to that standard, you can definitely keep up with the fast-paced world of digital media where you have to be extremely quick and a little bit of time wasted for a simple step, the whole idea could go totally wrong. Besides that the Versant™ 2100 comes with a compact body design and high-end functions which most print proffesional would love to have which could simply make their life easier without having to do from Step 1 to Step 5, instead they could simply do a single step which covers everything.

Below are some further information given from the Press Release that I received:-

More Performance

The Versant™ 2100 Press features an inline, integrated Full Width Array and other functions, which helps users to automate colour control, create image-to-media alignment profiles and deliver brand-managed colour in less time with less waste; and a Production Accurate Registration technology that helps maintain tight registration throughout the press from page-to-page and run-to-run.

More Image Quality

A first in the industry, Fuji Xerox’s new Ultra HD Resolution in the Versant™ 2100 Press helps printing professionals produce smooth sweeps and gradients, sharp images, graphics and text. Applications are rendered at 1200 x 1200 dpi at up to 10 bits, which is equivalent to 300 percent more pixels and colour precision rendered than the current 600 x 600 dpi market standard. Delivering brilliant and vibrant images with low gloss, low melt Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Dry Ink, the press offers colour consistency across multiple printers and sites.

More Flexibility

Users of the Versant™ 2100 Press can choose from three controller options: the EX2100 and EX-P 2100 Print Server, Powered by Fiery, and the Fuji Xerox FreeFlow® Print Server to tailor the press to their production needs. Supporting an array of substrates including linen, polyester, vinyl magnet and specialty stocks, the Versant™ 2100 Press provides print businesses more flexibility to help their customers achieve desired print outcomes.

More Value

Streamlining manufacturing processes with more exciting opportunities and less unnecessary costs, the Fuji Xerox FreeFlow Core workflow solutions further boosts productivity levels of the Versant™ 2100 Press. The press can also be integrated with additional colour management technologies designed and refined to deliver even more outstanding colour and more saleable output.

Providing Tomorrow’s Support Today

To enable companies to reach out more efficiently to their target markets with customised messages, Fuji Xerox provides users with an option of employing the 1:1 Experience service offering. In addition to providing benefits of greater reliability, uptime and productivity; the Production Remote Services (PRS) uses predictive analysis to accurately forecast when problems will occur or when supplies need replacement. Compared to the traditional reactive and proactive service, where customer support is made available after notification, Fuji Xerox now offers this prognostic production remote service to troubleshoot and plan the service beforehand. The PRS is an integral part of the latest innovative Fuji Xerox technologies supporting Versant™ 2100 Press.