AMD FirePro W8100 professional graphics card.


Yesterday, the most awaited powerful future-ready graphics card from AMD, including support for 4K as the all new AMD FirePro W8100 high-end graphics card was officially announced in Malaysia. It has a memory of 8GB which is really huge and comes in the latest GDDR5 with even up to 4.2 TFLOPS when it comes to single precision while 2.1 TFLOPS when it comes to double precision.

With great partnership alongside Dell and HP, AMD is looking forward to offer this graphics card to come in a package as this a professional-grade for CAD, as well as video editing, heavy designing, and any software that requires heavy GPU usage, the AMD FirePro W8100 will handle all these with ease. And for gamers who are looking for a 4K supported graphics card for future games, here you have it but do take note as this is much ideal for workstation usage instead of gaming. Also, do take note that this GPU can handle Ultra HD frame rates without any lag and extremely responsive.

The AMD FirePro W8100 can be combined up to four cards in a single system providing GPU performance of over 16 TFLOPS. Last but not least, the AMD FirePro W8100 can be output up to four 4K display with slightly differentiated graphics settings.

If your software at your workplace lags badly, it could be probably due to outdated graphics card simply because as often as the software gets updated, the requirements for it to run smoothly with minimum lags and crashes will increase gradually too. So the best way to fix it is by getting a better graphics card, or get the AMD FirePro W8100 as its totally future-proof and this will be good enough and could remain unchanged for sometime.

Features and Benefits 

Features Benefits
2nd Generation AMD
Graphics Core Next (GCN)
GPU architecture
Performs graphic and arithmetic instructions in parallel. Compared to the AMD FirePro W8000, it now
features four times as many compute engines (eight instead of two ACEs), resulting in significantly more
computational performance.
8 GB GDDR5 memory Allow users to work at a whole new level of speed and responsiveness. With a 512-bit memory interface and
320 GB/s of memory bandwidth, users can edit 4K video, layer in multiple effects and color correct on the fly,
or load massive assemblies and data sets and manipulate them in real time.
Error Correcting Code
(ECC) memory
Helps ensure the accuracy of your computations by correcting any single or double bit error as a result of naturally
occurring background radiation. ECC support enabled on the external GDDR5 memory only.
Multi-GPU support Combine up to four AMD FirePro W8100 workstation graphics cards in a single desktop system and leverage the
combined processing power for personal supercomputing or to work with multiple 4K video streams in real time, layer
in effects, make color corrections and edits on the fly.
4.2 TFLOPS of peak single-precision compute performance Helps speed up time required to complete single-precision operations used within Video Effects and Rendering, Signal
Processing, Transcoding and Digital Rendering applications where high performance takes precedence over accuracy
2.1 TFLOPS of peak double-precision compute performance Helps speed up time required to complete double-precision operations used within Computational Fluid Dynamics
(CFD), Structural Mechanics, Reservoir Simulation and Aerodynamics applications, where numerical precision is
mission critical
½ rate double precision Unlike competing cards that are not optimized for double precision, the AMD FirePro W8100 offers the most double precision performance in its class, completing compute-intensive tasks faster than ever before.
DirectGMA and SDI support Removes CPU bandwidth and latency bottlenecks, and optimizes communication between GPUs within a system
and third party devices like SDI I/O cards. DirectGMA bypasses any need to traverse the host’s main memory, reducing
CPU utilization and avoid redundant transfers over PCIe®, resulting in high-throughput, low-latency data transfers.
Framelock/Genlock Ensures accurate and consistent video synchronization to external sources or multiple GPUs in different systems
(requires ATI FirePro™ S400 synchronization module).
AMD Eyefinity
multidisplay technology
Industry-leading multidisplay technology enabling highly immersive and unrivaled multitasking experience across up
to four displays, powered by a single AMD FirePro™ W8100 graphics card.2
Future-ready for 4K With four discrete DisplayPort 1.2 outputs and six display engines, the AMD FirePro W8100 can drive three 4K displays
at 60 Hz and connects directly to four 4K displays at 30 Hz. With DisplayPort1.2 MST hubs, the AMD FirePro W8100
can even drive up to six 4K displays (at 30 Hz).2