It’s been sometime that I have actually done a direct comparison between two devices, and usually when I consider writing about it, basically means that its worth a shot of sharing with you what I personally think and also what you should actually know, before getting the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8. Before I start, please take note that I am not siding either party here, as I am purely genuine when it comes to honest opinions. Here we go.


Specifications Samsung Galaxy S5 HTC One M8
Display 5.1” Full HD (1920×1080) 432 pixel density- Super AMOLED 5″ Full HD(1920×1080) 441 pixel density – Super LCD3
Speakers Standard single speaker Stereo speakers with built-in amplifier
Camera 16MP rear camera, single LED flash, phase detection autofocus,f/2.2 aperture. 2MP front shooter. Can record and playback 4k video Dual 4MP(Ultra pixel),dual LED flash,f/2.0 aperture, a whooping 5MP front shooter. Limited to Full HD video recording and playback only
OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat Android 4.4.2 KitKat
NFC and Infrared Yes Yes
USB USB 3.0, can still use 2.0 supports USB OTG and MHL USB 2.0 with USB OTG and MHL
Processor (CPU&GPU) Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801, Quad core 2.5Ghz Krait 400, with improved Adreno 330 graphics Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801, Quad core 2.5Ghz Krait 400, with improved Adreno 330 graphics
RAM and ROM 2GB, 16GB with microSD up to 128GB 2GB,16GB with microSD up to 128GB
Skin UI Touchwiz UI with much much improved performance and looks (Touchwiz Nature UX 2.5) Sense UI 6.0 with even snappier performance, now you can even turn off Blinkfeed by default
Battery 2800mAh and yup it’s removable 2600mAh non-removable
Extras Download Booster- download via data and WiFi simultenously Boomsound speakers- Massive good quality and loud audio placed front of the device for maximum satisfication while playing games or watching movies
Fingerprint scanner- Full support up to 3 fingers and now you can purchase online with it,supports PayPal too Motion Launch- Wake and Sleep your device by just double tapping the screen
Selective Focus- Ability to choose either foreground or background to be focused after taking the shot Duo Cameras- Ability to choose where do you want the focus to be once the shot has been taken
Heart rate sensor- you can now check your heart beat on the go True Tone Dual LED flash- Automatically adjusts the amount of flash based on the lighting situation. The same thing featured on the iPhone 5S
Phase Detection Autofocus- you can now almost not miss any special moments with the capability of AF as fast as 0.3 seconds
IP67- Rating for dust(6) and water(7) resistant a decent valued added feature which gives maximum protection


Samsung Galaxy S5


Pros Cons
Best camera produced for smartphone by Samsung, surely much better than the already impressive Note 3’s camera also should be better than the S4 Zoom minus the optical zoom. The plastic design. Well it is much better looking and feels good when you hold it, but hey it’s still plastic.
Heart rate sensor can be useful at times especially when you’re an active person who tends to run marathon. I personally run marathon(s) and would find this feature as a priority. TouchWiz. I know that it has been improving from time to time, and yes it did feel much snappier than the one featured on Note 3, but I still expect more personally.
Fingerprint scanner is nothing useful for me, but for the price I am going to pay for the S5, why not have it as an extra future proof feature? Speakers. I prefer to have it on the front. Because based on the speaker placing from Samsung, when I place it on my pocket, I tend to miss most of the calls.
The IP67 rating might not be that impressive, as based on the S4 Active, it’s not really convincing, but again even some level of protection is better than nothing for what you’re paying for. I predicted 3GB of RAM because of an older device (Note3), but based on the extra features given to the S5, I would guess it is because of pricing issue, with 3GB RAM, price would go higher, none of us like hefty price tag. No?
Download booster can be a key selling point, definitely the perfect feature to be introduced to smartphones. I love this one.
The Phase Detection Auto Focus seems to be working fine as I have tested it out already, still can’t be as fast as a DSLR though.
4k video recording and playback!! Obviously the most looked for feature for the upcoming smartphones. For the price you’re paying, you would definitely expect this one.


HTC One M8


Pros Cons
Fantastic design as I always loved aluminum based devices. Such premium feeling. 🙂 2600mAh battery is never going to be enough, as I used the 2300mAh powered device HTC One M7, the battery life was horrible.
Boomsound Speakers is totally a killer feature. Always loved this as I play loads of games. Only 2GB of RAM, despite the lack of features added on the HTC One M8, without the upgraded RAM is disappointing for me.
Double tap to wake and sleep screen is quite interesting as you can preserve your power key from exhausting. 4MP Ultra pixel camera again. Well I expected at least much upgraded Megapixel, but HTC decided to remain same also without OIS. Even with Duo camera, I still feel the camera is only average. Hopefully no more purple tints!
5 Megapixel front camera? Who wouldn’t want that especially when you’re a selfie freak. 😛 No fingerprint scanner? HTC One Max has it, but I don’t understand why couldn’t HTC include on their latest flagship device despite the hefty price tag?
Sense UI. So far the best ever skin on for an Android device. Love the smoothness and stability. No 4K recording or even playback. Despite being the highlight of 2014, the new HTC One M8 does not support this.
Blinkfeed is essential to me. I know you can use My Magazine on the S5, but I prefer the way Blinkfeed works.


Final Verdict
Both the device are unique in the own ways. If you prefer a much expensive looking with lack of future proof features, you could just settle down with the HTC One M8. It still has a decent front facing camera and better sound than the Samsung Galaxy S5. But when it comes to features, nothing can beat the Samsung Galaxy S5. I am saying this because most of the feature on the HTC One M8 is already present on the previous version, so it’s nothing new to me. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4, or even the Galaxy Note 3? It could be a all round winner if you think practically.
Who is the winner?
Tough decision to make, with both devices being a real eye-candy packed with exciting features at two different perceptions. Both Samsung and HTC have done great job to improve their flagship phone. But based on my thoughts, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is much worthier here, simply because for the price you are paying, I am pretty sure you would want all the goodies that even some features have been introduced on cheaper smartphones, such as the fingerprint scanner and the 4K video capabilities with the loss of premium aluminium build quality and outstanding speakers.This in my point of view is vital, unless these devices are priced much lower.
If you disagree and could prove me wrong, feel free to share your opinion, nevertheless it might change my point of view on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.