Twitter working on new feature called “Nearby”

I am pretty sure many of you would have heard or even tried the feature in Wechat called “look around” , where it enables you to located nearby people via GPS or approximate location via data or WiFi connection. According to the source, Twitter is testing on implementing this feature where tweets nearby would be shown based on your location which probably would work the same like how “look around” on Wechat works. This feature would work without having you to follow them and of course you could follow them if you want to.
Also if you have a look at the photo above,you can see the top half of the screen is the Google maps where you could see tweets around based on location as accurate to street level. This however can be also risky in terms of privacy as some tweets can trigger alert to unwanted visitors but if this feature is used in a right way, it can be actually helpful for example if there is an accident nearby, or even terrible traffic nearby, this tweet could go live within seconds of the user tweeting. 
Anyhow, this feature is still under testing period and most like would launch even as early as January 2014, but who knows it might even take longer. As usual this update will be received by the iPhone users first followed by Android users. What do you think of this location sharing related feature? Yes or No?