Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now out for your Android devices

Looks like Rockstar Games finally released the long-awaited release of variant of Grand Theft Auto(GTA) San Andreas for Android smartphone. This GTA San Andreas was famous back to the year 2004 on Windows , Mac platforms, and Playstation 2, Xbox consoles. I still remember being addicted to this game and completing it’s missions within a week.
Okay, so if you’re interested in refreshing your memory on playing this game, this time out on your mobile device, grab it now at GTA-SA@Google Play . For those on iOS, this game had be released last week itself, so if some of you are not aware of this, grab it at GTA-SA@iTunes. For WP8 users, dont feel left out as this game should be released at Windows App Store by this month.
How would you rate the game-play playing this game on your mobile device rather than playing via PC or console?