Foursquare’s new update introduces “Swipey Maps”

Today, Foursquare released a new updated which featured a very useful feature, which I personally needed most despite searching for it without knowing the location on map . Yes, now you can simply navigate based on map view.
How to use this? Simple, press the search button, choose your desired category, for example “best nearby” , once search is done, click on the map which is placed at the top of screen, now just swipe over the map area to the place you would want to know what is famous over there via Foursqure, u will see a “search this area” option appearing on bottom right of the map, click on it and it will refresh to update all the famous locations available for you to visit at the location that youre viewing on the map, within seconds! Now you don’t have to click on icon individually or even click on the search results without knowing the exact location. 
Haven’t update? Go ahead to Google Play or App Store on iTunes and enjoy the exciting feature right now.